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4 Billion Social Media Impressions

Approximately ten (10) months after founding grassroots Red Nation Rising from a single Tweet because of the depressing Election 2012 results, and nearly 4 BILLION (yes, billion) amazing, special social and digital media Impressions later, I’ll be a featured segment contributor on “The American Maverick Show.”

It’s very exciting to co-host with syndicated American Maverick talk radio show host, Flint Engleman.  “Radio Red Nation Rising” is scheduled the Third Sunday of every month from 8:15-8:28 pm EST.

Tune In

Tune in this Sunday, September 15th, 8:15 pm EST to hear, ‘Helloooo, Red Nation Rising!”  Here’s the link for Sunday’s show —>–rednationrising

 A statement by Maverick Media President and talk host, Flint Engleman,

“An opportunity.  A platform for #RedNationRising to propel grassroots conservatism to a new level.  That is how I started the conversation with friend of the show and founder of #RedNationRising, Jim Lysaght.  Jim is innovative and connects with America.  His on-air presence will extend his organization’s reach to spur grassroots, conservative activism.”

“Jim Lysaght’s social media Tweet following the November 2012 election ignited a true grassroots movement. His grassroots communications via social media has a booming following from coast to coast.  Jim has evolved #RedNationRising into a strong organization to further support the message to unite the right.”

Thanks, Flint.  I’m positively thrilled to join the American Maverick show.  I mean, this is just a wild trip.  I wrote a Tweet with the Red Nation Rising hashtag and three weeks later that hashtag was the number one Twitter trend in the world!  This was during a very dark and depressing time for all of us good, decent Americans.

Don’t Quit

To see Blue Dem Obama — a complete fraud, a con man — reelected was horrific.  At the time, there was a physical manifestation to the nation’s depression.  But we don’t quit — we never will — and that’s why we’re going to win.

Red Nation Rising is happening because thousands connect everyday and we reach millions.  Every. Single. Day.

An early supporter of Red Nation Rising, David Southall, the Blue Collar Patriot, is in Virginia and somehow introduced me to American Maverick.  I think Flint sent him an email which David forwarded it to me.  David and I were so excited that Red Nation Rising was getting such attention, but at the time I was nowhere near ready to do radio.  Twitter was exploding.  The Facebook Community Page was taking off.  My focus was social media.

Ten Million Timelines!

This was before Red Nation Rising was a formal organization, as it is now.  There’s no question we were a movement of growing numbers, but we were a nascent-nascent organization!  Things have formalized a bit recently with the foundation of Red Nation Rising NFP, the Red Nation Rising Not-For-Profit.  Which is great.

Since that time, Red Nation Rising continued growing.  The other day, #RedNationRising reached ten million Twitter Timelines.  That’s in one single day.  Can you imagine that?  We are rising.

Our growth is not just on Twitter.  It’s on Facebook, the Blog, and in person, too.  I recently went to my first Tea Party meeting and Red Nation Rising was widely embraced.  I thank David and so many others contributing in a variety of grassroots and engaging ways to our growth.

Ten Thousand Grassroots Contributors

Today, there about 10,000 active contributors per month.  Red Nation Rising is a truly grassroots phenomenon and we are entirely organic.  DC is taking notice.  So are state and local governments!

Around the time of CPAC 2013 in March (incidentally, I just recently secured media credentials to CPAC in St. Louis at the end of September… who’s going?!?) Red Nation Rising supporter Vandon Gene served as an RNR delegate.  This was spontaneous and a social media phenomenon.  Vandon ran with it.  He emerged as a star at CPAC.

Reddest 15 Minutes in Radio

Vandon met EVERYONE.  Everyone!  Including Flint, who was broadcasting live from the conference.  And that’s kind of the genesis of RADIO RED NATION RISING.

An incredible amount has happened in six months!  On that, I’m so very excited to be a part of American Maverick and look forward to making it the REDDEST 15 minutes in radio!  Thanks everyone!  We’re doing it together!

Keep Rising

DON’T FORGET… RADIO RED NATION RISING on the 3rd Sunday of every month, starting 9/15/13 at 8:15 pm EST.

Many, many thanks for all your support.


“The American Maverick Show” is a national affiliate of Red State Talk Radio Network.  The syndicated show consistently ranks Top 5 for listenership on that network.  The flagship station, WCHV, is rated #1 for talk radio in Central Virginia.

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