One Tweet Can Change The World: Update

Several days after Election Day 2012, I was REALLY depressed.

Mitt Romney Was Presidential

I thought Mitt Romney would win.  I met Mitt Romney, shook his hand, looked into his eye and spoke with him.  Whether you liked Mitt, or not, compared to Obama, Romney was CLEARLY the more decent man.  But this post is not about Mitt Romney.  It’s about a very special woman I have never met.

A complete stranger I can only describe as an incredible woman changed the social media world with a single Tweet.  And she probably doesn’t even know it!

Post-Election 2012 Depression

The results of the 2012 Election were depressing — an honest depression — for many of us.  Emotionally, I was in the dumps.  Making matters worse, there was a physical manifestation.  Personally, my body felt like I lost a fist fight.  I was hurting bad and it really did feel like an altercation in which I got my butt kicked.  It was an unexpected loss for America.

The day after the Election I telephoned my Dad in Florida.  Now, you should please understand that my Dad is a virtual guarantee to ALWAYS see the sun shining.  Even in the midst of an economy which hurts so much of what he has spent decades building.  Dad remains the most positive person I know. Many, many people say exactly that.

I called my father because I needed to hear some assurances.  They way he answered the phone put me in a place I had never been.  Not ever.  Not this way.

A Wake Up Call

My heart sunk because he was truly depressed.  

The tone of his voice opened my eyes while the words he spoke lowered the boom.  The concern was not for him.  He kept repeating, “These people don’t understand, these people don’t understand. They just don’t understand.”  

He stated he lived his life and it was almost over.  His selfless concern was for me, his other children, and America.  How did we let things slip away?  It put me into a terror.  Things were bad if Dad was expressing himself in this manner.  Really, really bad.

No Television For You

Prior to the Election I wasn’t particularly mindful of FOX, CNN nor MSNBC programming.  I’d be aware of general matters, but news or politics just wasn’t my thing.  As the Election approached I started to Tune In.  Leading up to Election I watched all three of the big cable shows every night, all night.  Romney was outshining Obama in virtually every category.

Three months prior to Election 2012 I started tweeting from Twitter account @NObamaChat.  It grew fast.  Conservatives were rising on social media.

After the Election I completely shut down mainstream media.  Even O’Reilly sounded like a liberal.  No more television.  I couldn’t read online newspapers.  I turned almost exclusively to Twitter.

It’s a Revolution, I Suppose

If you remember these dark days after Election 2012, good and decent Americans were revolting in great disgust.  On social media the troubling sense of actual revolution was palpable.  It was happening.

In case you missed it, people were openly tweeting rebellion.  War.  It was uncomfortable how Armed Revolution was openly discussed on Twitter.  Not by me, of course.  But organized conflict was a popular narrative.  Scary stuff, indeed.

The social media chatter promoting a potential taking of Washington, DC flew by at hundreds of tweets per minute.  American people were speaking out. It felt like a move on DC was getting real.

Secession Swirling

My Twitter timeline soon filled with White House petitions for States to secede.  Texas was gone from the Union.  South Carolina was rising.  Even Patriots in California and New York put forth petitions to secede from the tyranny of the federal government.  Check the record.  Hundreds of thousands of people, millions, signed these petitions.

Was this really happening?  I mean, I remember the 90’s.  What a wonderful civic revolution that was.  This revolution was shaping up to be hard-core.  Uh-oh.

Again, there was some VERY aggressive chatter making recruitment efforts to take Washington, D.C from Tweeps with otherwise reasoned timelines and profiles.  In fact, although I was merely witnessing this stream, I Tweeted to no one in particular (and everyone in the world) I was so outraged by Obama’s re-election I’d March on Washington.  I was feeling it.

A Dangerous Invitation

Perhaps because I had developed a large following opposing Obama in a short period of time someone sent me an @Reply tweet (if you’re not on Twitter, that is basically like an email).  It threw me into a bit of panic.

Out of nowhere I was asked in a well-written tweet, by a non-Follower, whether I would support a military takeover of the Executive Branch.  It was not a hypothetical question.

Was this message because of Benghazi and the cover-up Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney and Susan Rice?  Who was this person suggesting a military takeover of America?

Hating Blue Dem Obama The Liar

I hate the emotion, but I hate Blue Dem Obama.  I have intense, passionate dislike for liars and Obama is a liar.  I RARELY use the word.  I don’t like it.  Yet I embrace my hate for Obama (Blue Dems and RINOs, too) and all who aid and abet him because I hate what they are doing to the United States of America and the US Constitution.

While I hate Obama (Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney, Susan Rice and thousands of others) because they are liars and frauds I was not going anywhere near a Tweet asking for my public support of a junta!

Respect the Constitution

Revolutionary chatter turned a corner.  The talk was prevalent and tweets and blog posts were making a great case supporting it as a civic duty.  It was very emotional.

If seemed like if a “New American Revolution” didn’t happen to preserve our freedom and liberty, the world would enter a “New Dark Ages” a time of intellectual darkness and economic regression following the collapse of America.

Not on my watch!  While this battle has been building for decades, it’s time.  But maybe, just maybe, there was another way.  Maybe we haven’t lost the Electoral Process just yet.  We’re close, but maybe with the right candidate and an effective education campaign we could avoid massive bloodshed.

The 2012 Election Was Our Spark

America was hijacked, they STOLE the Election.  All was lost.

Rather than advocate Revolution, I Tweeted out a series of woeful, “Poor me, I’m so depressed” Tweets.  They just sucked.

I didn’t want armed revolution.  I didn’t want military takeover.  I wouldn’t give up, but I was being a complete sad sack.

Then, She Happened

I have no idea who she is and I really wish I knew her Twitter @Handle.  I don’t know if we Follow each other.  I can’t remember what exactly she wrote to me and I don’t recall whether I @Replied to her.

In less than 140 characters she commanded me to stop being a sad sack and go do something about winning back America.  Her profile revealed she served in the military but the tone of her message really connected.  

Somewhere there is a record of it on Twitter. Maybe one day I’ll have the time to review my Twitter history for her Tweet.

Something Special Struck a Creative Nerve 

Her tweet immediately struck a creative nerve.  Do something about it!  The depression started to lift.

I closed the computer.  I got up and paced the room thinking about what to do.

How best to take back America?


Twenty minutes later I was back on the machine.  Tweets were streaming in my Timeline and I was reading them with a different perspective.  I Tweeted several times that we can, and will, win back America… all was not lost.

Shortly thereafter, a link to a New York Times interactive map passed through my feed.

The New York Times posted Election Results from every single American county and, get this, although Blue Dem Obama won the Popular Vote, virtually every American COUNTY was trending Red.

The Electoral College maps showed LOTS of Blue, but a deeper analysis revealed… America was trending RED.

Real Hope

This was especially stunning to see because the talking heads on tv were declaring us dead.  They were stomping our grave.  Gloating while anointing Obama King.

The more I tinkered with the NY Times Interactive Map, indeed, our country did trend Red in the 2012 Election!  How did we lose?  Who cares!

In those dark days of November 2012, when I was feeling emotionally blue, this was it!  What I needed… there’s hope!!!  (Note: the 2012 Election was stolen.  Not just Voter Fraud, and Election Fraud, but the IRS targeting Conservatives at Obama’s behest stole the election).

The Birth of Our Red Nation Rising

It just came to me.  I Tweeted out a link to an Electoral Map and asked if people were in Red Nation and used hashtag #RedNationRising.  I wasn’t too crazy about “Red Nation”, but Red Nation Rising was different.  It was a winner.  

So I went with #RedNationRising in a series of Tweets.  The Retweets started immediately.  First one, then two.  Then a dozen.  Shortly thereafter, my tweets using the hashtag were getting dozens of retweets.

Within a day or two I noticed someone else use the hashtag.  What a feeling that was.  I kept at it!

Never Quit

Shortly thereafter, growing numbers of Tweeps started using the hashtag.  Three weeks later, it was Twitter’s Number One Trending Topic Worldwide.  Can you imagine that?  That was one of the best feelings of my life.  Something I created was the number one trend in the world — at a time when EVERYONE on television was arrogantly declaring us dead.

That night it was trending worldwide I’ll never forget some Progressive, Blue Dem, Lib writer for some lefty rag in Chicago tweeting to me: “I can’t believe this. What is wrong with you people? Why won’t you quit?”  I tweeted something back: “Never, you Blue Dem bitch. #RedNationRising”.

One of the amazing things about that evening was all the conservatives who jumped in to protect the hashtag.  They were all the support we needed.

Social Media History

That single Tweet birthed Red Nation Rising.  Now we’re on Twitter, Facebook, this blog, Google Plus, LinkedIn and the Red Nation Rising NFP not-for-profit just launched (please consider a donation on the button above or contact me).

Red Nation Rising is perhaps the fastest, most widespread grassroots movement in Social and Digital media history.  Maybe even human history if you think about it.

Since that first Tweet, Red Nation Rising has made nearly 4 BILLION social media Impressions.  Yes, BILLIONS!

Every single day Red Nation Rising reaches reaches over two million Twitter accounts and between 5-10 million Twitter Timelines.  On Facebook we are reaching 80,000 people per week.  

We are GRASSROOTS.  We are ORGANIC.  We are VIRAL.  We are going to win.

Keep Rising

Thank you for reading this.  You are part of a wonderful community of Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians and Patriots rising for civics and the constitution to the RIGHT.


Twitter: @RedNationRising
LinkedIn Group:

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Decal Coming Soon!

6 thoughts on “One Tweet Can Change The World: Update

  1. The birth of a #RedNationRising began a movement. A movement to save our nation. A movement that you should be proud of! WE ARE A #REDNATIONRISING!!

  2. Your story could be my story and how I felt after the election. I’m so happy to have found #RedNationRising. I don’t feel alone and I have hope again. I’m ready for the REAL change… #RedNationRising!

  3. I am proud to be a part of this movement. I am excited about our incredible growth. I vagily remember her Jim and I believe I know whom it is. I hope we continue our growth and with other groups that we take back America. I ask you all to join us in Renewing Constitutional Values, and fighting Tyranny….Do NOT Go Quietly into the Night!

  4. I was following you at that time and remember when #RedNationRising first started appearing. I’m glad I can say I was there when… 🙂 Keep fighting, you have a lot of patriots behind you.

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