An Englishman’s Ode to the US Constitution

UK flag

US Constitution

Written by Jedediah Cain

As a foreign observer of American history and politics, I believe that if the compilers of the original Seven Wonders of the World were alive today and updating their list, such a list would be beneath farcical if it did not include the United States Constitution.

Writing from my mahogany study table, complete with a steaming cup of Earl Grey daintily perched atop saucer with spoon to boot, somewhere in little old England, inside a cute cottage, in its cute little library beside a cute little fireplace (think Downton Cottage) I can proudly confess that the respect I have for the American Constitution is second to no other document than the Bible. The US Constitution, while being the envy of the free world, is also the prayer of the enslaved world. Don’t believe me? Ask Christians living in China, Egypt and Syria today.


The importance of the Constitution simply cannot be overstated. Abraham Lincoln called it the ‘only’ safeguard of an American’s liberties. That is noteworthy. Lincoln didn’t call it ‘one of the safeguards’ or ‘a crucial safeguard’. For Abe, it was the “only safeguard. Therefore, it was obvious to him that “it is not the Constitution as I would like to have it, but as it is, that is to be defended”; and thus “it must be so respected, obeyed, enforced and defended … let the grass grow where it may”. Lincoln didn’t emancipate the slaves. The Constitution did. For John Marshall any law contrary to it was ‘void’. And James Madison simply called it, a ‘miracle’.


You must forgive a clever clog from Limey Island lecturing you on what your fathers bitterly fought and killed mine for the right to own. But because we are forgetful creatures, prone to complacency and dystrophy of will, and sometimes need jolting by the unlikeliest of harbingers, you will do well to oblige me lay the following charge at the American people’s feet. You have neglected the Constitution to such an extent that today it hangs on merely by a breath, laying battered and bruised in the dust of the feet of its enemies, who have trampled it again and again with the haughtiest of disdain.


There is something called piecemeal. It has a twin brother named ‘incrementalism’. And perhaps because the US is a comparatively young nation, its people have not yet properly understood the sheer lethality and devastative nature of both their workings. For by using the doctrine of ‘piecemeal’ and ‘incrementalism’: an attack here, another there; a subversive comment here, an undermining Bill there, the enemies of America (foreign and domestic, there is no difference) find themselves on the cusp of victory, while the patriot is only just waking up to the fact that he has been in a war all along. Taking for granted James Madison’s warning that “there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations”, Americans have allowed president after president; senator after senator; judge after judge; law after law; to eat away at the Constitution till we reached the present state of affairs where a US president can, with impunity, threaten war abroad, with Congressional approval being merely an afterthought for him.

To better bring home my point, let me tell you a story of a group of islands known today as the United Kingdom.


Failure the First:

The British were once a people with great grasp of common sense. They might still be; Don’t tell them I said so, but that is doubtful. There was a time it would seem preposterous to the average Briton to think that the British state could ever willingly make itself subservient to a foreign Parliament. Yet that has been the regime in place upon these isles since the advent of the European Union. The land that gave the world the Magna Carta, wherein lie the 5th amendment’s forbearer, that “no official shall place a man on trial upon his own unsupported statement” and that other ancestor of modern western jurisprudence: “No free man shall be seized or imprisoned … except by lawful judgement of his equals”, is now a nation where a person can be detained without an arrest warrant or charge for 28 days by police. And in a country whose people coined the phrase that an “Englishman’s home is his castle”, the God-given right to self-defence is now outlawed. Ask Tony Martin.

These atrocities need not have been the British people’s destiny. But the children of Oliver Cromwell, William Gladstone, Churchill and Thatcher have time after time missed a trick. For if only somewhere along the line, when blessed with leaders of great conviction and a populace brimming with common sense and strong cognition of Natural law, the British people had understood the necessity of an overarching instrument which governed the machinery of government, the principles once entrenched in the national mind would not have been so easily watered away by the diabolical efforts of “Progressive” dogma. Americans must never underestimate what a stumbling block the Constitution is to their enemies. It is the construct which still stands in the way of Obamacare, even after last year’s Supreme Court meltdown. It is the mighty Trojan wall which obstructs the end goals of Abaddon-inspired ideas such as NAFTA. And as you read, it is the cause of Obama’s headache as he tries to conjure up new executive orders to hinder the right to bear arms.

Sadly though, here in little old England, even when the opportunity seemed gaping, progeny after progeny failed to do what their cousins across the Atlantic did on September 17, 1787, 226 years ago this week. And this was the first failure. Good news: you in the US cannot fall victim to this failure. Your ancestors made sure. But our second failure is one you across the pond can still fall prey to and that I would submit you are falling prey to.

Failure the Second:

Many people don’t know this. But the UK actually has a right to bear arms. Stated in the Act of Settlement of 1689, a law still on the books today, is this: “Subjects … may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law”. Because Britain does not have one authoritative text identifiable as the Constitution in the American sense, it has always been understood that certain legislations enacted by Parliament are of such fundamental and historic nature to the identity and survival of the British nation, that they can be referred to as ‘sources’ of our Constitution. And so, not one lawyer worth his salt here in Britain will ever deny the constitutional nature of the 1689 Act, enacted after cataclysmic upheavals in British society. Another law which is crucial to the identity of Britain and is universally accepted as part of the British ‘Constitution’ is the Act of Union of 1707 which after centuries of bloody strife between England and Scotland finally solidified the two regions’ union.

Yet, as I write these words, there is in practice no right to bear arms. In fact, you can and will be arrested and gaoled if you so much as possess a firearm of any sort in Britain. And as for the Act of Union, it is near repeal; a year from now there will be a referendum put to the heavily propagandised British people as to whether England and Scotland should any longer exist under a union, thus doing away with a (if not, the) mainstay of British identity almost overnight.

Reader, we didn’t arrive here by accident. We arrived here through the slow passage of time and the constant, determined, deliberate yet quiet and subversive challenges laid to the few writs of liberty instituted by our forefathers. From the European Communities Act of 1972 which sold our sovereignty to Brussels under false pretences and representations by our leaders, to Tony Blair’s “Devolution” Acts of 1998 which effectively begun the separation of Scotland and England, to recent laws passed against ‘hate speech’ which now make it impossible to speak publicly against sexual deviancy. From court cases in the House of Lords positing the obsoleteness of Magna Carta to the arrest of Christian café owners who play Christian DVDs on in-shop monitors, the process was slow but assuredly was always progressing. And we are where we are today.

Thus, the second failure was obliviousness, leading to a fatal acclimatisation to the piecemeal and incremental tactics of the enemies of our liberties, so that the little we had in the way of a liberty-guaranteeing Constitution, became relegated to the status of mere relics of antiquity. Laws which should still play an active part in day to day life here on these islands have become much like our fine historic buildings and churches: nothing but glorified antiques.


And so this week in which Americans should be celebrating, with the same fervour as they do the 4th of July, the achievements of their forefathers at Philadelphia 226 years ago, has already seen the president sneer defiantly at that sacred day, as he threatened new executive orders banning guns. Only last week, the watchword in the media was ‘unilateral’, not ‘constitutional’, as Barrack Hussein made a show of Congress when he declared his power to attack Syria without their consent. Whether it is Pelosi ridiculing a journalist for asking how the Constitution might impede Obamacare, or the Supreme Court holding that the right to life need not mean the right to life (See Roe v Wade), or the unconstitutionality of the 16th amendment, by which authority to tax income is today alleged, what is clear to the keen observer is that through decades of quiet infringements on the constitution, even the staunchest of American patriots have become acclimatised to the termites eating away at their liberties.

Dear thirty-something and above reader, it may not be in your lifetime, but if this process continues without a mass awakening and determination to foil these masterminds of evil, I am convinced that the next generation of Americans will find themselves in the state we now find ourselves in Britain, pun intended. The Left recognized long ago the power of incrementalism. And they have since been appliers of it to the Constitution. Today they say they only want ‘freedom of marriage’ for all; tomorrow they will force your preachers and pastors to perform those marriages. And so the surreptitious wheels of piecemeal will continue to turn till your children one day wake up to find themselves slaves on the continent their fathers conquered.


This week of all weeks, when over two hundred years ago, liberty was secured for all Americans in that great document, I hope those reading this will resolve to remember the sacrifices it took to do so. You must all renew your devotion to defending and resuscitating that mighty creed of American existence.

Impeachment of Obama and his enablers should no longer be seen a possible card to play when all else fails, but should already be captivating the hearts and minds of all of you in this fight as the only option if the tide of unlawfulness is truly to be stemmed. Men of great integrity like Alan Keyes have already being calling for it as the only solution open to patriotic Americans. Why not join them? Fail to act and the constitution will end up no better than our Magna Carta, a nothing relic from a time long forgotten.

As a conservative Brit I have a vested interest in seeing you act. The Left’s agenda is global. If America falls to it, hope is all but lost everywhere. For no longer would people like me have an oasis to point to as an example of what can be.

Keep Rising

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