#MakeDCListen and Other #DefundIt Videos and Tweets

I continue to stand with Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) in their fight to save America from Barack Obama’s destruction of our health care system and implementation of their people control, otherwise known as Obamacare. Watch how the Democrats are changing the language and distancing themselves from the trainwreck now referring to it as the ACA (affordable care act).  The blame the Republicans for the failure is already starting. And honestly, they are partially correct. 25 Senate Republicans voted for cloture and to fund Obamacare just the other day.

Cowboy Ted Hat Tips Senators Cruz and Lee

Ted Cruz on Meet The Press – September 29, 2013

From Sarah Palin – Fight With Us

From the GOPWhip (@GOPWhip)

10 States Where ObamaCare Eliminates Plans, Doctors, Hospitals

California, Missouri, Connecticut, Maryland, South Carolina (what say you Lindsey Graham), New York, New Jersey, Iowa, Wisconsin (what say you Paul Ryan) and Georgia.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller here

Why is NBC’s David Gregory trying to be relevant and attack Senators Cruz and Lee when his own news station released this on September 23, 2013:

NYT: Hospital, doctor choices may be rationed on new health care exchanges.

Wayne Dupree at NewsNinja (@newsninja2012) has IBEW Union President Ripping Obama On Keeping Doctor & Health Care Plan

Best Tweet of the Day

Must Follows

If you are not already following these great Americans, click on the Twitter link and do so!

Amanda Carpenter – Speechwriter and senior communications advisor to Senator Cruz. (@AmandaCarpenter)

Brian Phillips – Communications Director for Senator Mike Lee (@SenLeeComs)

Derek Hunter – Writer, radio host (noon – 3 Mon-Fri on @WBALRadio) (@derekahunter)

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