Thank You For Making Red Nation Rising Happen

Thank you for all your support!  Red Nation Rising started as a single Tweet in the dark days of Election 2012 and 11 months later we have made 4 BILLION social media Impressions and grow every day.  Below is the master plan for the future.

Please continue to support Red Nation Rising on social media links below, across digital media (this blog), and in person (details below).  Also, please support the Red Nation Rising NFP with a donation using the Pay Pal button above on this page’s right side.  Again, thank you so much for your amazing support.

Red Nation Rising Decal Sales

Red Nation Rising NFP is raising funds to produce and sell an initial run of 10,000 Red Nation Rising decals.  The proceeds of the sale will go back into the organization and serve to fund a series of Red Nation Rising Road Trips to key cities in purple states and additional Red Nation Rising merchandise.

One Hundred Per Cent (100%) of the funds raised though Tuesday, October 1, 2013 (less whatever Pay Pal charges) will fund the Red Nation Rising decal. To be more specific, funds raised are going exclusively to:

  1. actual production of the decals (printed at a local business – it’s the Red Nation Rising logo),
  2. envelopes to ship the decals,
  3. postage, and
  4. shipping supplies.


Again, 100% (less paypal fee) are going to print and then ship these decals.

There will be 10,000 decals available.  They’ll be marketed for 2 weeks using Twitter, Facebook, the blog, Google Plus, etc.  All proceeds from decal sales will be used to fund the organization, formally.

Red Nation Rising Road Trip

The big ticket event(s) for the future will be the Red Nation Rising Road Trip.  Essentially, the Red Nation Rising Road Trip will be a series of events in key cities in Purple States later this Fall and in the Spring of 2014.  A Breitbart writer is interested in participating.  Other bloggers are keen on the idea.  I imagine with the power of social media, these will grow to be must-attend events to bridge our social media relationships with engaging in person.

It’s the best idea I know to get a truly grassroots ground game gunning and running.

These will be rallies bringing together all the local groups at strategic locations.  I am currently in talks with a Patriot Day group for one rally in San Antonio, TX (gotta keep TX red!) in March, 2014.  It’s on the Freedomworks page here.

Bridging Connections

The future of Red Nation Rising is to bridge the millions of daily social media impressions with the millions of Americans in local communities ready to rise.  Red Nation Rising has a massive social media reach.  Nothing like it has ever been done before.  It’s happening online and in person too.  

Please continue to help us so we may bring large numbers of people out and engage each other in person celebrating freedom while pushing the message of civics and constitutionalism!

That’s the plan, and we’re sticking to it!

Please Donate and Get Decals Rolling


If you can help fund the initial decal sales, please visit the blog and use the Pay Pal Donate button on the upper right. Everyone who does, gets a decal! They will be ready to ship in a few weeks.

Thank you, so much, for your support.

Keep Rising


Twitter: @RedNationRising
LinkedIn Group:


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