Vote, Tweet, and Facebook for #Lonegan

If you live in New Jersey, please vote today for Steve Lonegan in the special election for New Jersey U.S. Senate.  Regardless if you live in New Jersey… please encourage people to vote using social media like Twitter and Facebook!  Your social media messages will reach people in New Jersey.

Turn “Blue” Jersey Red!

It’s a fact that America, including New Jersey, is trending Conservative Red.  This is a good thing!

Americans are more conservative than they have been in decades because they are waking up to the issues which really matter: taxes, spending, environmental regulation, gun control, an oversized government.  These are vital matters to the people of New Jersey.

Lonegan for Senate
Lonegan for Senate

Steve Lonegan has the best policy positions on these issues.  By all accounts, Lonegan whacked Booker in their debates.  One poll had Lonegan beat Booker 73% to 23%.  Lonegan crushed him on the issues.

Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians & Patriots Unite to the Right

Steve Lonegan is not an establishment candidate.  Lonegan will fight for taxpayers and he will fight for liberty.  If that’s extreme, so be it!  Lonegan rose under his own sail and his life story is inspirational.  

Lonegan is a genuine, passionate, committed conservative and the exact type of leader who will be great for the good, decent people of New Jersey.  He is all substance.

Ultimately, Steve Lonegan stands for civics and constitutionalism and that’s the Red Nation Rising Mission!

Blue Dem Booker Bad for New Jersey

Cory Booker, on the other hand,  seems to make it up as he goes along and is tanking in public polls.  Booker gets a free pass from the politically correct mainstream media although unemployment and crime plague Newark.

Recent news stories report Booker doesn’t even live there!  That’s fraud!

Other tales of Booker’s incompetence, bluster, and propensity to enrich himself via the public till are downright disturbing.  People in New Jersey can’t be complacent. They must rise, get out, and vote against Booker.

Vote, Tweet, Facebook Post For Lonegan

Who would you pick to be the accountant in charge of your personal finances, Cory Booker or Steve Lonegan?  The answer is obvious to hard-working, rational people… Lonegan!

While you may not be able to vote in the Special Election, you can certainly spread the message using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.  You can be heard!  Who knows? You might motivate some people to vote for Lonegan.  In fact, you probably will.  That’s one of the modern wonders of social media.

Many of Lonegan’s supporters will be at work today and might need that extra bit of encouragement to vote at lunch or after work.  So please, if you are in New Jersey vote Lonegan.

If you know someone in New Jersey, please encourage them to vote — immediately! — for Lonegan.

Lastly, regardless of where you are located, be sure to send some social media and digital messages supporting civics and constitutionalism encouraging people to Vote Lonegan.

Lonegan Social Media Channels

Twitter: @lonegan  |  @LoneganForNJ  |  #Lonegan

Facebook: Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate

Keep Rising

Written by: @JimLysaght

Twitter: @RedNationRising
LinkedIn Group:


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