Ctrl+Alt+Del Sebelius

Blue Dem Obama’s (mis)administration chaotically pushed expansive, harmful legislation (and lied in doing so) upon good, decent Americans.  Obamacare is an utter disaster.  One of the limited minds behind its implementation is Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Obamacare a Virus

Forevermore, let “to be ‘Sebeliused’” serve as a metaphor for the Blue Screen of Death (for Windows) or the Spinning Rainbow Wheel (for Mac).  Since its inception in 2010, cultivation through the Supreme Court and its infection upon the American public, Obamacare has been a virus.  Just like Obama and the Blue Dems, the law is a stunning widescreen LCD display of how big government policies fail.

The Affordable Care Act touted insurance plans accessible to all Americans, sick or healthy, at affordable rates.  Low information voters believe it costs nothing, like an AOL version 3.5 disc arriving weekly in the mail.

Silly Con Ally

The reality of Obamacare’s social cost is that insurance premiums are going up almost everywhere.  The website, HealthCare.Gov, cost hundreds of million dollars and is so deeply flawed architecturally (note: that’s NOT a glitch!) that it does not work.  Silicon Valley?  Try Silly Con Ally!  The whole thing is a fraud.

“The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that the government spends too much.” – President Ronald Reagan

Silly Con Sebelius oversaw nearly $700 million to the website’s implementation to present a healthcare hub that was efficient and secure.  Instead the American people look through the Windows of complete mismanagement (criminality?) by leftists running bungled big blue bureaucracy.  The response?  President Obama moves onto other issues, like taxation and immigration reform, to cover for his Silly Con Allies.

Big Blew

Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee led a Senate effort and were backed by the right thinking members of the House to defund and then delay Obamacare.  They were right!  They were just!

Now, because of the political ramifications of supporting Obamacare (there were quite a few RINOs, too), Democrats have reversed course on their full support and are calling for a delay of the implementation of this dreadful law.  If the Republicans had any bark to their byte, they’d tell the Blue Dems to, “Get out of MySpace” and make them own it.  No compromise.

Sebelius lacks a cerebrus.  Or, maybe that’s cerebellum.  Whichever, she has been programmed and what only computes is how the government does not solve problems.  The big, bloated, Blue Dem government creates them.  Time to reboot.

Written by: @BerentBatur

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2 thoughts on “Ctrl+Alt+Del Sebelius

  1. Here’s the underlying problem with most liberal “appointees.” Many, many years ago I worked on a campaign for a liberal politician. No, I didn’t lose a bet; my parents are both staunch liberals and I was recruited to work for a friend of my mother’s. This guy was running for a state office and had to select someone to run his campaign. There were three individuals lined up for the job, two of whom had actually DONE this sort of thing before. But he chose the only female out of the group because ( and get ready for this) she was “an asset to the campaign based on her gender.” He choose this woman not because of her professional credentials, unless you count being born with the “right” sex organs “credentials,” but because she was a…she. I’m not saying this is how Obama selected Ms. Sebelius, but she certainly didn’t get the job based on what she could actually DO. By the way, my mother’s old classmate LOST the election and I have been a Republican pretty much ever since!

  2. Great point Wendee. Amazing that POTUS has the ‘audacity’, in many cases, to publicize that he chooses various people based on their gender and skin color. More evidence of an untouchable President representing a party that leaves examples of hypocrisy in it’s wake as it continues to demoralize reshape the values of America. ———-

    Thoroughly enjoyed the article @BerentBatur –

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