College Conservative Joins #RedNationRising Team

Red Nation Rising is connecting conservatives.  Younger, older, male, female, black, white, etc. etc. etc.  One reason why is we simply do not believe in “identity” politics.  We simply do not care to divide people.

We prefer unity.  Thus, we are uniting Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians and Patriots for civics and constitutionalism.  It’s our ethos.

College Conservatives Connecting

A lot of college conservatives have connected with #RedNationRising. A blog post about several of them is in the works.  One particular college conservative we are so happy to have connected with is Berent Batur.

Berent will be writing weekly for the blog and contributing daily to the Red Nation Rising Facebook Page and you’ll see him on Twitter at #RedNationRising, too.  He’s a great young writer and excellent social media assistant.

Berent’s first contribution to the blog was on Kathleen Sebelius.  Here’s Berent’s bio:

Berent Batur

Berent Batur

Berent Batur is a student at the University of Toronto studying American studies, political science, and history. Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario; a suburb of Toronto, Berent has always held politics and the American Dream close to his heart.

Other than being a blogger and social media assistant for Red Nation Rising, Berent is a strategic planning team assistant at Senator Rick Santorum’s Patriot Voices, a contributor at Red Millennial, and a speaker/columnist at Turning Point U.S.A. Berent is very active on his university campus and is involved in six different clubs.

Berent has seen how big government policies are trumping the principle of liberty in Ontario and does not want the United States to go down that same path. Berent has ambitions to move to the United States to obtain a legal education and eventually join the political scene to promote the conservative ethic.

Contact Information:

Welcome Aboard!

Many, many thanks Berent.  The grassroots growing Red Nation Rising social community is thrilled to have you help!

Written by: @JimLysaght

Keep Rising

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