Rising With Red State in Blue Dem Illinois

Well beyond the charming hint of a southern accent, Red State Editor-In-Chief Erick Erickson wowed the packed crowd at Benedictine University in Chicago’s Western suburbs last night (the Blue Dems in the audience were slightly less receptive).  Erickson has vast knowledge of history and the politics therein.  Particularly interesting was his analysis of the evolution (or rather devolution) of the Republican Party.

America Does Not Need One Purple Party

Erickson’s contentions rang true for many in attendance.  Waves of heads nodded in agreement that” President Clinton’s time in office followed by President Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” blurred the lines between Democrats and Republicans.  Moderate Blue Dems are leaning right as the progressive (socialist) movement rules while establishment Republicans are leaning left after too many years in the beltway.  

Conservative waters are muddied.  The message drowned in a sea of voices promising Big Government could be all things to all citizens.  Erickson astutely noted establishment Republicans no longer seem to oppose the big government Leviathan.  Their objection? Government is controlled by Blue Dems.

Further criticism posited Republicans look to polling not to bring people to their message, but rather to establish their message.  It’s suggested the Republican Party doesn’t actually have a clear position anymore.  

Cue the Conservative Movement

The Conservative movement differs from the establishment GOP.  Namely, conservatives are principled in their opposition to big government and the serious threat big government poses to freedom and the traditional American way of life.

Having had the pleasure of listening to Erik Erickson speak, I can say with certainty that a Red State/Red Nation Rising collaboration would result in an amazing partnership.  Erikson’s recognition of the distinctions between conservatives and the Republican Party plus Red State’s massive influence together with Red Nation Rising’s growing grassroots community of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians uniting to the right by educating on civics and constitutionalism go hand in hand.  

Regardless of labels — tea party, establishment, libertarian — it’s time to look beyond the traditional party label of Republican.  It’s time to return to principle-based constitutional conservatism and bedrock American principles.  That is the foundation upon which we will all rise united.

Written by: @VerumQuaerere

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