Red Nation Rising NFP Is Organizing

Want to get involved?  Almost twelve months ago Red Nation Rising started as a single Tweet.  Since then it has exploded across Social Media into a wildly fast growing grassroots social community and movement which extends beyond Twitter and Facebook and this blog.  Currently, the formal organization is, well, organizing.

We are staging to make a continuing impact into 2014, and beyond, everywhere.  This is a bit of a long post, but provides a great recap on current events and inspiration for how/why you might want to delve deeper with Red Nation Rising by formally joining and supporting the organization.  That info is towards the end.  There are some big names becoming aware of us organically, and they are mentioned below.

Thank you for your support and reading… here we go!

Educating on Civics and Constitutionalism

“Red Nation Rising NFP” is our formal not-for-profit business organization operating in accordance with 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Mission of Red Nation Rising NFP is: to provide educational information to encourage civics and constitutionalism in physical, digital and social communities including but not limited to popular social media networks.

Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians are uniting to the right with Red Nation Rising.  Because we are right.  The middle of the road is where you get run over.

It’s been decades in the making, but the Blue Dems have radically embraced socialism in America.  They are rapidly advancing that agenda and it’s scary.  The only apparent difference with the Big Govt RINOs is the speed with which they march our government towards tyranny over the individual; they’re just not as fast as the Leftists.

This Dog Will Hunt

We’re rising pretty fast to take out the Blue Dem trash and RINO swine.  Several recent interactions and mentions of Red Nation Rising include HUGE names.  It’s almost surreal that…

Red Nation Rising has been mentioned by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

Erick Erickson, Editor-in-Chief of Red State, recently stated he was familiar with Red Nation Rising at his recent speech in Illinois  (by the way, we ARE turning Blue Dem Illinois Red… local groups are energized and mobilizing as good, decent people sick of the Blue Dems governing and representing Illinois rise with conservative leaders).

A Regional Coordinator for Heritage Action, Chip Borman, and I recently spent a few hours together after a terrific social media skills workshop they provided.  Heritage Action is doing very bold things and, like everything out of Heritage, are making a huge impact.  At that workshop, I met some old friends and new and one of whom has joined Red Nation Rising NFP and is organizing the Organization.  More on that below.

A Quick Ditty

Here’s a quick ditty on the power of social media and concerted grassroots efforts getting results:  because of Twitter and Facebook, Red Nation Rising was helpful bringing to light a story on the maltreatment of Senior Airman Brian Kolfage by the Veteran’s Administration.  Kolfage used the #RedNationRising hashtag to share a bad experience.  He lost three limbs in Iraq and the VA was seeking $4,000.00 from him (yes, it’s unconscionable).  I saw his Tweet, published a Facebook post about it, Breitbart Columnist AWR Hawkins saw the post, contacted me about getting in touch with Kolfage, and a few short days later Breitbart gave the story the attention it deserved this past Veteran’s Day with this piece.  All because of a Tweet on the emerging and expanding Red Nation Rising platform.

True Grassroots People Making It Happen

What an absolute honor and privilege to have even a remote connection to all the Conservative superstars above.  But our real strength is the growing numbers of conservative superstars below (and YES! growing numbers of Blue Dems and former Obama supporters have wholly EMBRACED Red Nation Rising in 2013… I have the emails). 

Thousands of “social warriors” push message embracing civics and the Constitution and reach millions every day on Twitter and Facebook.  Thanks for all those retweets, replies, mentions, likes, comments, shares, posts, tweets etc.  Huge numbers use the #RedNationRising hashtag.  It’s entirely 100% organic.  

There are too many to thank individually.  So thank you, everyone, in our social community.  YOU are Red Nation Rising.  Last week 6,200 of us reached over 15 million Twitter accounts and made more than 60 million Twitter Timelines.  That’s in one week!  Tens of thousands of us have made more than 4 BILLION social media Impressions in one year!

Red Nation Rising on the Radio

I’ve recently started doing radio appearances and the feedback has been great.  In Virginia with American Maverick Flint Engleman I have a monthly segment providing an update on what’s happening with the organic and engaged community.  Constitutional Conservative Andrea Kaye hosted me on her California radio show (we need to work on those Red t-shirts).  Red Nation Rising reached across the Pacific and into Hawaii with Matty D! and Howie from Maui (thanks for everything guys, that killer graphic is featured on the home page of this post.  Don’t Debate; Defeat.).  America’s First Couple of Radio Chuck and Colleen in Florida hosted me and we discussed what makes up a true grassroots group.

Notice anything about those states above?  

All Blue, but conservatives are fighting everywhere to take America back.  Let’s turn all those states RED, eh?  Even California.

Public Speeches and Attending Community Meetings (Wear Red)

In addition to social and traditional media (radio) Red Nation Rising is extending to physical, external communities as well.  I have given public speeches.  Other members of the Red Nation Rising social community have asked if they could give public speeches (we’re working on that — see below).     

Three months ago I met a great group at the DuPage County Fair (as a former New Yorker I just love this County Fair).  The West Suburban Patriots.  They had a booth and pulled me right in!  When I mentioned Red Nation Rising Carol from WSP asked if I’d speak at their meeting.  My first ever!  I had nothing prepared and was surprised how packed the room was.  130 people — and very sweaty armpits later — the story of how Red Nation Rising started received great, heartwarming applause.  Their featured speaker, Andy Gasser, even gave me a fist bump!  That was my first ever Tea Party meeting and public speech.  I’ve attended every one since and my friends at West Suburban Patriots invited me to speak at their most recent meeting before Veteran’s Day.  I told the story mentioned above about Senior Airman Brian Kolfage and Breitbart and how our hashtag made that happen.    

I have to mention my other local Tea Party, DuPage Tea Party, and how they cordially invited me to speak on “Conservatives and Social Media.”  Another speaker there was Jim Oberweiss an Illinois State Senator campaigning for US Senate against Dick Durbin (#DickSucks).  That’s pretty big company.  Oberweiss mentioned me and the Red Nation Rising social media success story during his presentation.  Wild stuff.  Several members of DuPage Tea attended the Heritage Action skills seminar mentioned above.

There are also people showing up at community meetings wearing red shirts to let their community and elected leaders know (working on a proper RNR shirt, too) Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians are uniting to the right.

Local Chapters, Politicians

People are inquiring about starting local chapters in their hometowns.  That’s just amazing.  We are developing something on exactly that (again, see below for the RNR Organizational Chart). 

As our influence spreads, politicians and candidates look for our support.  In fact, a few have requested help with their social media campaigns.  They are wise to.  There’s never ever been anything like Red Nation Rising before.  It’s doubtful a traditional media agency could create a Red Nation Rising.  They already would have.  

We’re happy to help candidates — many of whom are active Red Nation Rising social community members — who will stand up for us.  What’s that mean?  Well, grassroots people are enraged with what’s going on in DC and in many state houses. We are looking for real change (ya know, back to Constitutional governance) by men and women who will go to DC to start kicking in teeth.  Metaphorically, of course.  Although quite a few Blue Dems and RINOs really could use a beating, they’ll get it at the polls as good, decent Americans rise and exercise their civic duty and elect true conservatives.

Merchandise, the Red Nation Rising Road Trip 

Merchandise is on the way (hopefully a stocking-stuffer for Christmas) as we raise funds to produce some cool stuff and fund the whole operation.  Please consider a donation.

Plans are developing for a Red Nation Rising Road Trip to key cities in Purple States.  Using the power of social media and local groups we’ll get people out there connecting together.  Imagine conservative bloggers traveling to Charlotte, NC or New Orleans, LA before the November 2014 Election.  A Breitbart Contributor is interested in getting on that bus.  We’re going to make that happen!

We’re Up to the Challenge

All of the above are doing amazing work.  It’s almost surreal that a single, spontaneous tweet in the dark days of Obama’s reelection started this!

While the growth in one year has been an incredible challenge, we’re up to it.  Thank you for all of your support thus far.

We’re looking for people to take a more active role in the organization.  Please review the Organizational Chart below. It was prepared by someone just like you.  Someone who had some time and experience and cares about getting America back.  She is Verum Quaerere and she has great experience organizing… when you have found Truth, you need not fear being defeated.

We need help!

Together, we can — and will — fulfill the mission and win.

Red Nation Rising NFP Organizational Chart

If there’s a role you or someone you know might want to take in the roles listed below, please let us know via one of the contact methods at the bottom of this post.  Again, thank you so much.  Here’s the organization we are building:

Board of Directors – Advisory Committee

Executive Director

President – Vice President – Treasurer – Secretary


  • Membership – Responsible for recruiting, member relations
  • Outreach / Publicity – Speaking engagements, Rallies, Conferences (RNR, other organizations), coordinating with other organizations/media
  • Fundraising – Grant writing, sponsors, benefactors, donors
  • Communications/Social Media – Blog, Website, Twitter, Facebook (Editors, contributors)
  • Marketing – Oversee merchandising efforts, research for outreach / publicity / communications / fundraising

If there’s some way you can offer assistance with anything, please do!  Once again, thanks for all your support!

Keep Rising!

Written by: @JimLysaght

Twitter: @RedNationRising
LinkedIn Group:


For those who wish to DONATE here is our PAYPAL.  We really appreciate any help!

Decal Coming Soon!
Decal Coming Soon!

5 thoughts on “Red Nation Rising NFP Is Organizing

  1. Reblogged this on Seth Connell and commented:
    Red Nation Rising is a catalyst for the Conservative/Libertarian movement that is rapidly taking root in America. I foresee RNR being one of many future organizations that will swing elections in favor of freedom. Join RNR, and join the fight for freedom!

  2. Just saw this blog in the West Suburban Patriots Tea Party Email blast and I am so sorry I missed meeting you myself at that meeting, I was in D.C. that week. I really like your blog and look forward to reading it often! ~Babette Holder/Co-Founder of The Last Civil Right Blog and West Suburban Tea Party Member.

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