Let Social Media Wake Up Blue Dem Brainwashed College Students

Over the past few generations, college students vote heavily Blue Dem because they are indoctrinated with liberal ideologies and propaganda through their entire public school experience. Then college professors? Forget it!

Students attend college for one main reason…to get a degree for a shot at a better job. MOST of them have NO TROUBLE working towards that goal. Sure, there are lazy / entitlement minded ones, but two minutes with the right professor and they’re over that mentality. However, the college does it’s best to keep that mindset going what with “free” food stamps and “free” healthcare for all (at the expense of the evil, rich people, of course).

Administrators wonder why enrollment’s down after encouraging such dependency. Must be some evil, white, male Republican who cut the education budget (there will be a future post on that later).

The point? If college students are so dedicated to making a better life, working hard to achieve whatever they want, and believe in the individual (which they do in various ways), WHY vote for a group of people who think they are:

  1. too stupid and helpless that they need government help through EVERY step of their lives,
  2. vilify capitalism, which is how they would make said money in the first place,
  3. vilify the American way of life which, unlike any other country in the world allows for opportunity as such,
  4. hate on successful people, and
  5. think they are too stupid, lazy, or incapacitated to get an I.D. to vote (although no trouble getting to a voting booth on election day)?


Blue Dems are so condescending! Here’s why. CONTROL.

Liberals and Blue Dems have very successfully brainwashed America’s younger people. Liberals will continue to brainwash college students so as long as the federal government has complete control over the public education system.

Liberal ideology is one of hate! They teach hatred and brainwash college students that Republicans or Conservatives hate them. Why? Votes to CONTROL THEM. Colleges then hold Voter Registration drives and and provide transportation to voting booths on Election Day.

Conservatism is based in all the ideologies for which college students should stand! Family? Most important. God or, at least, freedom of religion? Quite important. Responsibility? Once they are presented with it, a good chunk of younger people OWN it. Why? Sense of accomplishment. It’s inborn. It’s innate.  You earn something? You decide how it’s spent. Social issues? SEE THE PRIOR FIVE SENTENCES. Government regulation is not needed when people are personally accountable. It’s a light bulb moment when college students learn this.

Take five minutes some time to speak with a college liberal. Do NOT allow yourself to fall into the “social justice” phony arguments (anything regarding Blue Dem liberal theories behind the environment, abortion, bogus “equality” paradigm. Stick to finances and responsibility!  Most importantly, an individual’s OWN responsibility and how the government manipulates this.

OBAMACARE… as younger people like college students or recent graduates learn more and more about the multitude of lies by Obama and the Blue Dems they will wake up.  They will see Centrists, COnservatives and Libertarians are flocking to the right for constitutional conservative governance.  That means HONESTY.

Most college students were about 16 or 17 when Obamacare passed and they spent the majority of their teen years hearing (1) Geroge Bush is an evil, rich white man and (2) Obama will provide the “free stuff” to them for which they are “entitled”).

As younger people come of age they are finding out that (1) a full time job is a thing of the past because of Obamacare, (2) they are being FORCED to purchase something they might not want or need (you know…OBGYN coverage for the elderly and men), or be TAXED (3) the health care they are being promised is CONTROLLED by the government, and (4) the ultimate goal is to get everyone on welfare, i.e. a slave to the government.

Most of them are in college to get OUT of that mindset, so why do colleges push it? Kickbacks to federal money.

It’s mind blowing how so many college students could be so utterly stupid. But when presented the facts, they are waking up.

Written by:

Keep Rising

Twitter: @RedNationRising
Web: rednationrising.us
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedNationRising
LinkedIn Group: http://linkd.in/19tBVFO

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