Top Grassroots Conservative Stories 2013

Yes, the IRS Tyranny, NSA, Benghazi lies, and Obamacare Fraud are HUGE stories.  As is Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and House Tea Party caucus members rising.

However, the biggest stories we remember — and reflect on most — are the stories which happened on social media, the grassroots ones.  We really don’t need the MSM to tell us what was important in 2013.  On social media like Twitter and Facebook, we lived them.

Here’s a short list of those which really enervated — and connected — the grassroots groups and individuals rallying at Red Nation Rising.  If we missed any, please let us know.

Rumors of Conservatism’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated

2012 ended dismally for conservatives after Blue Dem Obama was reelected and the MSM pronounced him King while arrogantly declaring the GOP dead.  It was a truly sad, depressing time.

Yet in January 2013, Tea Party Conservatives rose to basically win control of the House of Representatives when Speaker John Boehner sweated through a vote which threatened to unseat him as House Speaker.  Fast forward to December 2013.  Speaker Boehner attacked conservatives enraged over Paul Ryan’s Budget breaking promises to disabled American military veterans.

The GOP didn’t die.  It has been resuscitated by grassroots conservatives concerned about America’s direction.  We basically took it over in 2013.  The middle of the road is where you get run over and in 2014 true constitutional conservatives will win the US Senate and strengthen the House.

Day Of Resistance

On a cold, wintry Saturday in February 2013, Conservatives and Tea Partiers reignited the flame of 2010’s historic change in the House when at rallies in cities and towns across America Tens of Thousands of Second Amendment activists across the US took part in a “Day of Resistance” against President Obama and the Blue Dems.

That Day of Resistance went wild on Twitter and Facebook.  It showed the Resistance was quite strong… even in Blue States like New York and California!  Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters raged against government persecution everywhere.  Most importantly, it was essentially the first “Boots on the Ground” rally of 2013.

Michigan Right To Work

In March, Michigan’s “Right to Work” laws went into effect.  Anyone else remember the Blue Dem Union Thugs assaulting Fox News contributor Steven Crowder covering the big news that a Blue Dem state passed Right to Work protections for ALL working people?

Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

The message which emerged in early 2013 was for Conservatives to “Be Bold.”  Two Red Nation Rising Supporters boldy attended CPAC and really stood out.  Vandon Gene and Very Tari.  At CPAC, Senator Ted Cruz told one of them, “Twitter is a powerful tool.”

Well, in 2013 #RedNationRising generated over 5 BILLION Twitter Impressions.  Indeed, Mr. Cruz, indeed!  The Red Nation Rising social community is bold!

The Cruz Missile and Stand With Rand  

Rand Paul’s historic filibuster was a civics lesson and lit up Twitter.  Technically, Ted Cruz didn’t filibuster, but he did stand for the constitution and emerged as one of the few in the US Senate to be a person of principle.

Cruz and Paul embody the conservatarian Red Nation Rising grassroots spirit.  Expect some special hashtags and social media campaigns for these two.

Red Nation Rising NFP Born in August

RNR transitioned from Internet phenomenon to serious grassroots organization a few months ago.  More than a hashtag, or social media success, Red Nation Rising is a movement.  We have become a platform.

Red Nation Rising is happening everywhere (in accordance with IRS section 501(c)(4) of course).  Red Nation Rising NFP is our Not-For-Profit organization (please donate using the Paypal button up and to the right of this post!) and we are a grassroots group educating on civics and constitutionalism.

Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians are uniting to the right against Blue Dems and RINOs.  We’re turning Blue Dem Illinois into a Red State, by the way.  It’s happening.

Chris Christie Blows Up as a RINO Progressive

Wow, did he ever let himself go.  Chris Christie warred against Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Partiers and now has zero chance in 2016. In early 2013, he gobbled up that government pork after Hurricane Sandy.  Then he attacked Rand Paul and libertarians.  Towards the end of the year, Christie rigged the New Jersey special election so the vacant US Senate seat would go to a Blue Dem and wasted tens of millions of taxpayer dollars doing so.  New Jersey would have a Tea Party constitutional conservative US Senator if not for Chris Christie.  Christie is a Big Gov Blue Dem and despite all the money he spends to get mentioned on FOX, Conservatives and Libertarians won’t vote for him.

Ken Cuccinelli’s LOSS was a WIN

It was a win because it showed how a Tea Party conservative candidate with virtually no establishment support can compete.  It also demonstrated that a Tea Party-Libertarian combination would beat a heavily funded Blue Dem.

Message to the 2014 candidates: if you go with DC Insiders who don’t understand social media and snub the grassroots groups, you will lose.

Colorado Recall Election

The Colorado recall election of 2013 was a hugely successful grassroots effort where voters rose to recall State Senators not listening to the concerns of the public.  It was a major win for individual rights and a drumming defeat for former NYC Nanny Mayor Bloomberg.

Boots on the Ground

Tweeting and Facebook posts illustrated the power of social media to actually put Boots on the Ground domestically.  People are rallying.  People are connecting.  They are uniting on social media and then bridging those connections at events such as:

  • Day of Resistance

  • Overpasses for America

  • Bikers Rally in DC on 9/11

  • Truckers

  • Vets Take DC

Perhaps the best image of 2013 was the Vet missing his legs riding a Segway and carrying a War Memorial barricade while delivering it to the White House.  All of the events above happened and social media was a principal driving factor.

Plans are developing for a “Red Nation Rising Road Trip” in 2014 where we travel to key cities in purple states and rally up supporters!  In 2014, we take it or break it with Boots on the Ground!

Conservative Revolution on Twitter and Facebook Social Media

Really, who needs MSM.  Social media, talk radio, FOX, conservative blogs, C-Span, etc.  We are the media.  Conservatives are owning Twitter.  Even Facebook, once the province of Blue Dems, is experiencing a veritable explosion of conservative Pages!

Silicon Valley Executives Wake Up

A consortium of top tech outfits like Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook went to to the White House recently to petition Obama on the federal government’s overreach into their businesses.  Blue Dem Obama blew them off.  These outfits do not hate conservatives.  Our theory? Silicon Valley has been the victim of a federal government shake down since 9/11/01 under the guise of national security but they’re kinda nerdy so they are afraid of bullies and have cooperated when they didn’t have to.  They are revolting.  As they should.  Expect their entrepreneurial and libertarian strain to rise against the Big Govt Blue Dems going forward.

Phil Robertson

What a way to close out 2013. People waking up, fighting against political correctness, standing with Phil.  Nothing more needs to be said, other than, “GREAT JOB!”  Again, we won.

5 BILLION Social Media Impressions for RNR!

2013 was a BANNER year for Red Nation Rising.  With over 5 BILLION social media Impressions, Red Nation Rising has established itself as a kind of “Arab Spring” for Conservatives!  Our social community is thriving entirely organically, from the grassroots.  Together, we reach about 10 million Twitter accounts every day.  We are at the forefront of waking Americans up.  We are doing it boldly, aggressively and uniquely… nothing like Red Nation Rising has ever existed before!

2014 Forecast

Patriotic Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians continue to unite to the right against Blue Dems and RINOs so that constitutional conservatives take 12-13 US Senate Seats (including Kentucky and maybe South Carolina) while we also strengthen our representation in the House of Representatives.

Keep driving the message… “Don’t Debate; Defeat!”

The importance of civics and constitutionalism (and the allure) will keep connecting with good, decent Americans.

2014 will be a very big year for everyone in, at, and around Red Nation Rising!  Thank you, so much, for all of your support!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Keep Rising

Twitter: @RedNationRising
LinkedIn Group:

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2 thoughts on “Top Grassroots Conservative Stories 2013

  1. We at are just getting started. 2014 will see more and more protests across the country. The “I” word wasn’t even in the lexicon until 50,000 people broke out their “IMPEACH OBAMA” signs on overpasses from sea to shining sea. The time to stand up for freedom and liberty is now. NO EXCUSES ! Stand up, speak out, and defend the Constitution.

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