Blue Dems Wage War on Women (and Everyone’s Intelligence)

The war on women?  That “equality” issue that you hear from BLUE DEMS all the time? Not an issue, never has been.  Not with constitutional conservatives, anyway, which is why this “war on women” has always been a sick joke to smart people regardless of gender.

“Ladysmarts” A Head Above “Ladyparts”

But, but, but… Hillary has ovaries! Yes, women, you are nothing more than your ovaries where the Blue Democrat party is concerned.  They force the idea that abortion is what women should care about because, what, the female brain can’t handle math?  An out-of-control government with a spending addiction?  Face it, Blue Dems exploit your “ladyparts” and not your “ladysmarts.”

Yeah… that’s the Blue Dem liberal agenda and, no thank you, constitutional conservatives WON’T be sharing the exploitation of gender politics with our daughters.

See… it never occurs to conservative women that there’s nothing they can’t accomplish because they don’t have a penis.  Why? Because of the women who DID deal with TRUE “inequality” and fought to have the opportunities available today.  That meme… “me think they doth protest too much”… yeah… that’s liberal Blue Dem women. Conservative women are thinkers.

Gender Politics Exploits Women

Look at the women currently perpetrating this gender exploitation on their own.  Maria Shriver. She’s a KENNEDY. Her uncles were notorious womanizers. Teddy even drove a car off a bridge into a body of water and saved himself while letting the girl in the car die.  She married ARNOLD, who carried on with numerous women and even had a kid with one of them while married to her.  Maria Shriver is a spokesperson for women?  She is going to advise how men treat other women?

How about Beyonce… shaking her ass, walking around half naked, making bank.  Then she is going to cry about the vilification of women? Go away.

Actually, Hollywood in ANY capacity talking about “women’s inequality” is a theater of the absurd.  Casting couch? Objectification of women’s body and beauty?  Anyone who listens to Hollywood dimwits discuss “inequality” is a also dim, or acting it.

Valley of the Dolts

Ah, Hillary.  She cannot be elected on her professional accomplishments…  there are too many dead bodies in the way.  Obamacare is/was Hillarycare.  Call it Killarycare.  But she’s got… ovaries!

The United States is $17T in debt. “T” is short for TRILLION.  Run a budget?  Have kids?  Want kids?  Thinking women understand THAT owing $17,000,000,000,000.00 (that’s a lot of zeroes) has ramifications.  Blue Dem Gender Politics is the REAL War on Women.

Conservative Women Use Their Ladysmarts

Conservatives believe in the individual regardless of race, religion, GENDER, etc.  We believe in CHOICES for EVERYONE.  We believe everyone should have an equal OPPORTUNITY to create their own success, not a “fair share” of what others have earned.

Conservatives believe in accountability for actions.  Conservative don’t like running debts of $17,000,000,000,000.00.  Therefore, if a candidate has a history of voting for or is running as a true conservative, they get supported.  That is, generally, a platform of Family, God, Constitution, fiscal responsibility.  NOTICE: that doesn’t mean Republican (that has it’s own issues with the current conservative revolution against Big Government RINOs happening across America).  Conservatives don’t believe in gender politics.

Before Hillary’s ovaries officially run, PLEASE keep her divisiveness in mind…and then call her out.  Use those ladysmarts and don’t let the mainstream media deflect and distract because of ladyparts.  We can’t afford it.

Written by: The Politically Incorrect @ConsEngProf

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