The Convention of States Project

The Convention of States Project is a grass-roots initiative to convince at least 34 state legislatures to convene an Article V Convention to propose amendments to our Constitution that will curtail the scope and jurisdiction of the federal government.  Voters across the political spectrum agree that Washington has become dysfunctional and unresponsive; and is unwilling or unable to reform itself.

Apolitical, Constitutional Article V Convention

At an Article V Convention, state delegates propose, debate, and vote on potential amendments. Each state receives one vote. Amendments that receive support from a majority of the delegates are then submitted to the States for ratification.Potential amendments include 1.) requiring a supermajority to raise taxes or engage in deficit spending, 2.) a sunset clause on all federal programs, 3.) term limits, and 4.) a prohibition on lawmakers exempting themselves and their friends from laws they enact for their fellow citizens to obey.

Any amendment that is ratified by 3/4 of the States becomes part of the United States Constitution and does not require the sanction of Congress or the Supreme Court.

Convention of the States

The Convention of States Project is mobilizing volunteers across the nation to contact their state legislators, speak at community group meetings, and inform & equip friends and neighbors who would like to be a part of this historic undertaking.  Please visit for additional information and to sign up at the COS Action Center.

In Illinois, the Illinois Legislative Liaison is Victoria Deppe. She can be reached at

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3 thoughts on “The Convention of States Project

    1. Great question. Thank you. From the website:

      When the Founders wrote the Constitution, they did not anticipate modern-day politicians who take advantage of loopholes and vague phraseology. Even though the federal violation of the Constitution is obvious to all reasonable Americans, Washington pretends otherwise, claiming the Constitution contains broad and flexible language. Amendments at a convention of states will be written with such politicians in mind. The language they use for these amendments will be unequivocal. There will be no doubt as to their meaning, no possibility of alternate interpretations, and no way for them to be broken.

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