This Leviathan Is Morbidly Obese


I was watching coverage of the Senate hearings this week when Senator Ted Cruz said something to the AG that made me want to research, document and share this.

Cruz asked a question of Eric Holder where he noted the number of employees in the DOJ to be – wait for it – 117,000. I stopped dead in my tracks, because I knew. The DOJ is far from the largest agency of government, law enforcement arm included. So I looked.

As of 2012 year end, there were/are over 1.8 million, full time, permanent federal government employees. Add in temporary and part time and the number climbs to over 2.1 million people that you and I are paying to tax, regulate and judge us.

If you’re thinking that’s not too bad considering the size of the military, the number does not include uniformed military personal. And yes, that means…

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