Blue Dem Mark Warner’s Snow Job on Virginians

As snow pummeled the East Coast, Blue Dem US Senator Mark Warner tweeted that the Republican Party of Virginia would blame the snow on ObamaCare.  Think about that.

Obamacare is a DISASTER Despite Party Affiliation

People are suffering because of Obamacare… which Warner voted for and supports!  Some parts of Virginia saw about two feet of snow.  While Virginians suffered through the snow storm their US Senator mocked those men and women fighting to fix things.

This is an insult to the Senator’s office.  It is divisive.  US Senator Mark Warner trivializes the harmful effects and many hardships good, decent Americans are experiencing because of the Obamacare trainwreck..  Mark Warner — and whomever wrote the offensive tweet — represents the problem with Democrats.

Screenshot 2014-02-13 at 2.49.59 PM

Mark Warner’s Snow Job

Political affiliation has NOTHING to do with hating Obamacare.  It has nothing to do with politics.  Obamacare hurts Americans.  Mark Warner hurts Virginians.

Mark Warner’s strong efforts to make people believe otherwise by tweeting things which are not true and insincere — and then deleting his record — is just another one of his Snow Jobs.

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2 thoughts on “Blue Dem Mark Warner’s Snow Job on Virginians

  1. Congrats Jim! I found this to be a short provocative piece. All throughout the message’s highlighting the absolute need to unify for the good of America and all American’s are front and center. The unmistakable call for that need to work together and the determination needed by all parties in the last nineteen word paragraph is very powerful.

    Thank You.

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