Lawless Preezy’s Obamacare Delays, Changes and Repeals

Blue Dems are nuts.  Yes, nuts!  That’s not name-calling.  It’s a public notice to be shared and posted everywhere so that even MORE independents wake up to the pressing danger of Obama’s illegitimate and unconstitutional delays, changes and repeals to Obamacare (which every Blue Dem voted for).

Delays, Changes and Repeals to Obamacare

You need more than fingers and toes to count how many unilateral changes to the law have been made.  And isn’t it just a bit curious how Blue Dems LOVE to say ObamaCare is the law and must be accepted as is yet that only applies when Republicans want to fix it!

When Blue Dems want to change ObamaCare (obviously in a sham attempt to avoid the absolute shellacking they will get at the polls because of their unanimous support for the trainwreck) it is more fungible.

Check out this Infographic to see dozens of changes by an evermore dictatorial and legislative Preezy.

Obamacare delays

Flex YOUR Muscle… Vote!

Can you imagine a system where Blue Dems unanimously vote for a law so unworkable that it requires DOZENS of autocratic amendments?  And they’re cool with that and go on the attack against the Tea Party, Conservatives and ALL Republicans who want to fix the Obamacare disaster!  Seriously, the Blue Dems are nuts.

At this point, too many in Congress have been unwilling to flex their muscle and defund agencies responsible for enforcing unworkable laws.  Thus, the job is ours.  We The People.  It is OUR responsibility.

Voters have primaries and an election coming up.  It is time to punish all those responsible for Obamacare and to reign in the lawless Preezy responsible for violating the constitution with his blatant intrusions on the legislative function through dozens of Obamacare delays, changes and repeals detailed in the graph above.

Keep Rising

We are a Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians opposed to    a lawless Executive and those Blue Dems who enable him.  We are a Red Nation Rising for civics, the constitutional Separation of Powers, and the Rule of Law.

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