Blue Dem Obama’s IRS Can’t Stop #RedNationRising

We can, and must, stop the IRS waging war on the US Constitution and conservatives without bloody people or broken stuff!  Be heard!  Don’t let the IRS silence you!

IRS vs. 501(C)(4) Groups of Good, Decent Americans

Obama’s IRS is engaging in tyranny — yes TYRANNY — over grassroots groups because they know the people are waking up and rising as concerned citizens getting involved in community groups and social welfare organizations.  Red Nation Rising NFP is a grassroots non-profit organization operating in accordance with §501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.

More on our mission below, but first more important stuff… you need to take action. Now.

Obama’s IRS stole the election in 2012 because they targeted Americans who have had enough with the Blue Dems and RINOs ruining America.  But they didn’t stop us.  They just delayed things a bit.

IRS Changing Rules Because Blue Dems Are Losing

Blue Dems will take a shellacking this November because people are rising to exercise their constitutional rights.  One of those rights, the most important, is free speech.

The Blue Dems HATE free speech and their current regime is doing all they can to suppress it.  No?  Head on over to Google News and search for recent articles on the FCC, NSA, IRS, etc.

The IRS is trying to suppress the free speech rights of good, decent Americans.  This concerns ALL Americans and is apolitical.  Thus, you MUST take a stand… and be heard!

Have You Commented Yet? Well… Why Not?  

You have a voice, use it.  Almost 70,000 people have submitted public comments thus far and time is running out.  The last day to comment is Thursday, February 27th.  Do it now!

Click here and make a comment, any comment, telling the IRS to STOP TARGETING CONSERVATIVES and STOP OBAMA’S EXTRA-LEGAL ASSAULT ON FREE SPEECH.

Heck, you can even cut and paste this entire blog post into the dialog box if you want.  Remember, there is NOTHING political about civics and constitution.  Don’t let the Blue Dems trick you into believing otherwise.


Red Nation Rising NFP is organized and operated exclusively to promote social welfare in accordance with §501(c)(4). More specifically, the corporation is organized to provide educational information to encourage civics and constitutionalism in physical, digital and social communities including but not limited to popular social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and this blog.

Red Nation Rising started 4 days after the 2012 Election from a single, spontaneous Tweet using the hashtag #RedNationRising and since that time we have made over 7 BILLION Social Media Impressions.

We are truly grassroots and thousands of us reach millions of Tweeps every single day.  Obama’s Tyrannical IRS Can’t Stop #RedNationRising.

Written by: @JimLysaght

Keep Rising

We are a Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians for civics, constitutionalism, free speech and the right to petition this evermore tyrannical federal government seeking to oppress good, decent groups of people who love America and their communities.

Twitter: @RedNationRising
LinkedIn Group:

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