#CPAC2014 – Day One Recap From a Red Millennial

Red Millennial and Red Nation Rising social media and website contributor Seth Connell (@theRealConnells <– Follow!) presents this interactive report from the first day of the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Day One!

The first day of CPAC 2014 featured a great amount of presentations and information chock full of ideas, motivation, and spirit from the entire spectrum of our Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians uniting to the right.  It was highly entertaining to a crowd of younger and older people who care about civics and US Constitution.

Immensely popular “Tea Party Conservative” Senator Ted Cruz impersonated Talk Show Legend Jay Leno while “Establishment” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell invoked Charlton Heston heroically holding a rifle over his head (which turned out to be the NRA Lifetime Achievement Award for Sen. Tom Coburn).

That bookend made for a winningly memorable, good time.

The Cruz Missal

Day One started with inspirational Senator Ted Cruz, despite the purple tie, speaking on how WE must work to inspire Americans.  It was a recurring theme.

Throughout the day, many speakers hit the idea of an American populace looking for inspiration.  Well, Cruz inspires EVERYONE who cares to listen to his words.

Here are ten ways Ted Cruz recommended we, the grassroots people, inspire our brothers and sisters this upcoming election:

  1. Defend the Constitution
  2. Abolish the IRS (flat or fair tax)
  3. Expand energy, make high paying jobs
  4. Expand school choice
  5. Repeal Dodd-Frank
  6. Audit the Fed
  7. Pass a strong balanced budget
  8. Repeal every single word of Obamacare
  9. Stop the lawlessness
  10. End the corruption

That’s a great list.  Remember it and please act on it.  How?  Tweet that list and/or Facebook Post it!  You can hashtag each one and include #RedNationRising.  That will reach people.

School Choice for Kids

Of course, there were a lot of speakers and topics and “school choice” was another theme with many of the men and women in attendance.

School choice is a civil rights issue.  It is one of the greatest civil rights issues of our time.  Little kids, America’s children, are being punished by union thugs.  The unions force politicians to oppose school choice programs.

Union members vote.  They coerce, they bribe or they threaten local politicians.  It’s discriminatory.  As we we buckle up for the November 2014 elections, school choice will be a front page issue.

Dolla, Dolla: Monetary Policy

I also had the opportunity to sit in on one of the panels discussing monetary policy.  The economy is — and SHOULD BE — our foremost pressing concern when good, decent Americans, young and old, are suffering.

As a Red Millennial, I believe we must focus on the economic and monetary policies regarding the Federal Reserve.  I know I am not alone.

Many Americans don’t know, but the Federal Reserve manipulates our money supply constantly for their own gain at OUR expense.  It is exactly that crony capitalism and corporatism of the Blue Dems and RINOs the Red Millenial generation is rejecting.

Bitcoin Breakout

One currency which could crumble the Fed’s power is Bitcoin.   What is Bitcoin?  It’s not very complex, but the idea is brilliant.  Transparency is its security. Bitcoin is an online currency not owned by an individual, organization, corporation etc.

Individuals own Bitcoin, and the value cannot be manipulated. If Bitcoin is worth more than the U.S. Dollar, we may just find more people using Bitcoin in future transactions in our economy.

More Than 140 Characters?!

I also had the opportunity to attend a Blogger Briefing with Senator Cruz.  While last year Ted Cruz remarked Twitter was a powerful tool, he made it clear that bloggers play a vital role in today’s world.

True Story: Ted Cruz launched his Senate campaign through online blogs.  This was before any major news network caught wind of his story.  The Cruz campaign was purely grassroots and his popularity is a rising tsunami. Bloggers make a difference!

Now go Tweet that!  Because, Cruz is right, Twitter is a VERY powerful tool.

Keep Rising

We are a Red Nation Rising of Red Millennials and we are uniting.  We are a Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians of all ages and Civics and Constitutionalism is our mission.  Keep it up!

Twitter: @RedNationRising
Web: rednationrising.us
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedNationRising
LinkedIn Group: http://linkd.in/19tBVFO

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Decal Coming Soon!

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