Red Millennial Reports on The Energy At CPAC 2014

Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.  Red Millennials are younger Americans.  They are a vigorous hybrid of Centrist, Conservative and Libertarian.  The real energy at CPAC 2014?  It wasn’t most of the speakers.  It was the Red Millennials.

Red Millennial and Red Nation Rising social media and website contributor Seth Connell (@theRealConnells) attended the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and this is his report.

RINOs Won’t Bridge The Gap

Energy is defined in units.  Here is who had little or no energy at CPAC: Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, and Chris Christie.  Not even a token!

While they may have presented well and the mainstream media gave them attention, social media and the room revealed the speakers above just lack necessary charisma or energy to excite young people.  Their topics or ideas may have been informative.  But they don’t have the heat and they have absolutely zero potential with Millennials.

Bring the Red Heat

Senator Ted Cruz, from Red State Texas, inspired Day One.  Cruz knows the charisma and power in the grassroots.  That’s where there is great energy.  Cruz is enthusiastic and has the energy (remember that filibuster?).  He placed second in the CPAC Straw Poll for 2016 Presidential Nominee.

Tapping into the grassroots is a resource which is where the conservative movement is.  Other speakers did it more effectively on Day Two.  Senator Rand Paul (as was expected) and Governor Rick Perry (no one expected) stood out and really brought the red.

After the blueish Day One from McConnell, Cornyn and Christie, Rick Perry was red hot.  Perry’s fiery address energized the conference at just the right time.  He entered with an air of charisma and confidence not seen in other speakers.  It is exactly that swaggering confidence, charisma, and energy that CPAC had been lacking.

Pendulum Swinging to the Right With Rand

When Senator Paul’s speech started, the room filled to the breaking point.  With my media credential, I could not even see the Senator!

In recent history, there are a few candidates who got people fired up and started a movement for Conservatives and Libertarians. Standouts are Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul.  Both stood firm on rock solid principles, and did so with a charismatic and energetic attitude.

Rand Paul is tapping into that spirit.  It’s why he won the CPAC Straw Poll.

The Third Rail

The final day of CPAC was stirring.  Dr. Ben Carson and Keynote Speaker Sarah Palin brought vitality and touched topics such as Obamacare, Russia, the economy, jobs etc. Palin’s spin on “Green Eggs and Ham” generated the biggest cheers from the crowd of the entire weekend.  It was a fitting homage to Ted Cruz’ historic filibuster seeking to defund Obamacare.

The Straw Poll results by the Washington Times were released and illustrated the red heat element of charisma necessary to win 2016.  Rand Paul won an astonishing 31% of the vote.  Ted Cruz came in a second place with 11% of the vote.  Together, they are formidable.

Take into consideration that 46% of the votes came from 18-25 year olds.  What does this demonstrate?  The real energy in America lies with the Red Millennials.

Keep Rising

Since the slaves rebelled against the Romans 2,000 years ago to the American Revolution 250 years ago, Red has always been the color of Freedom and Liberty.  We are a Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians uniting to the right.  We are inspiring — and are inspired — by our Red Millennials.

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