Young Americans Support #REDFriday

RED Friday.  It’s intended to salute our military men and women.  “RED” stands for, in this case, Remember Everyone Deployed.

Red Nation Rising’s Facebook Friends Engaged

Last week — out of the blue — we received a message in our Facebook Inbox.  While we see lots of messages across the grassroots Red Nation Rising platform (7 BILLION social media impressions and more than 2 million accounts every single day) this particular message stood out.

A young man in high school named Steven Bain sent Red Nation Rising Facebook this:

At my school tomorrow, it’s “Maroon and Grey” Day to support the sports teams.  I told my teacher that I will NOT wear maroon or grey, but that I will be wearing RED for our Troops.

Younger Americans Standing Up

What a touching message.  A high schooler contacts RNR using Facebook showing greater maturity, strength, fortitude and respect than many “adults.”

Steven did it.  Last Friday he wore red, while everyone else was fronting maroon and grey.  Steven Bain honors our Troops.  It is our distinct pleasure to honor Steven, his friends, and everyone else who stands with America’s fierce warriors.

Steven Bain

“Today is Maroon & Grey Day. I’m wearing Red To Support Our Troops!” – Steven Bain.

Keep Rising

Our Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians honors our troops on every Friday and each and every day.

This particular post honors Steven Bain — and all good, decent Americans — who Remember Everyone Deployed.

Thanks everyone.  Please consider wearing RED on Fridays.  Until they all come home.

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