The #CPAC2014 Experience in 11 #RedNationRising Tweets

There is an important convention held each year called the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland.  Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians from all over this great country AMERICA(!) come together to share their ideas, to encourage and inspire each other. There are speeches by Conservative leaders, radio and media broadcasts, breakout sessions, booths to visit, and a pervasive sentiment that we can (and must) DO something to steer our America into the future.

Wake Up and Walk Toward the Fire

Weeks before CPAC 2014, #RedNationRising tweeps began buzzing in anticipation of the annual event.  Happy Warrior Andrew Breitbart — gone FAR too soon and NEVER forgotten — was warmly remembered and honored.  Breitbart would delight in seeing the tens of millions of us waking up.  He would love our Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans, Tea Partiers, and ALL LABELS, simply fed up and uniting to the right. He would say to us, still…

“Walk toward the fire. Don’t worry about what they call you. All those things are said against you because they want to stop you in your tracks. But if you keep going, you’re sending a message to people who are rooting for you, who are agreeing with you. The message is that they can do it, too.”

Cruz Opened With His Close

Senator Ted Cruz closed the conference last year with his razor-sharp intellect, inimitable passion and style. He opened CPAC 2014 the same way, by reminding us that we must stand FOR something.  When we stand for nothing, we get “walloped” in the elections.  We must be BOLD, not meek.

Senator Cruz is a list-lover, having famously tweeted his own top ten list of reasons to get rid of Obamacare. In his speech, he listed ten things to stand for, starting with Defend the Constitution and Abolish the IRS, finishing with Stop the Lawlessness and End the Corruption. Sounds like a recipe we can hope for, providing OUR OWN real change for America.

LIVE from #CPAC2014, It’s Wayne LaPierre!

This grass roots blog and our Red Nation Rising movement was highly active for CPAC 2014.  Two days prior to the event, the NRA contacted us and offered the unique opportunity to host a live-stream of Wayne LaPierre speaking from Washington, DC.  It was our honor and privilege to cover it LIVE!

It is true grass roots!

Wayne LaPierre spoke about good, decent Americans.  And he spoke TO us. He sees “not anger, but sadness” in our eyes. He describes it this way, “You feel it in your heart, you know it in your gut. Something has gone wrong. The core values we believe in, the things we care about most, are changing. Eroding. Our right to speak. Our right to gather. Our right to privacy. The freedom to work, and practice our religion, and raise and protect our families the way we see fit. Those aren’t old values. They aren’t new values. They are core freedoms.”

RINOs Will Never Bridge the Grass Roots Gap

Chris Christie.  What can we say?  He may wear the R, but we know he is — at best — a fair-weather Conservative.  

While Christie is staunchly pro-life, we dispute most other aspects of his supposedly Conservative heart and soul. We simply refuse to forget the unlikely and somewhat revolting Christie-Obama #bromance mere days before Election 2012.  

Many in the NY media attribute that as the sole reason last-minute independent undecided voters swayed the election to Obama.  Christie was warmly received at CPAC only because Conservatives have empathy for his troubled waters.  But he’ll never be able to bridge that gap.  Conservatives will NEVER support Christie.

Texas is Redder Than Ever

Governor Rick Perry, Texas, fired up the crowd on Day 2.  He said, “I have a simple suggestion – It is time for a little rebellion on the battlefield of ideas.” Perry stirred up the crowd with some good old-fashioned podium-pounding, rabble-rousing joyful noise! “Let the sleeping giant of American enterprise create prosperity again… The future of this nation is up to YOU and belongs to YOU. YOU have the power to change America. YOU have the power to speak to our newest hopes in addition to age-old dreams. YOU are the path to the future!”  Governor Perry #HitsNailOnHead.

An Apple a Day Can’t Keep THIS Doctor Away

Dr. Ben Carson addressed the CPAC crowd for the second year in a row.  Carson spoke powerfully, with conviction.  His quiet, contemplative wisdom has taken root and is now blossoming.  He is an actual brain surgeon, and smarter than the average bear.

Carson cuts right through the lies spewed by the Left about Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians.  With great calm, he systematically debunked many misstatements of his own “controversial” statements.

“He understands the Left’s game, as laid out by radical guru Saul Alinsky, and he’s ready to play.” (John Hayward, Human Events) Dr. Carson said, “The good news is: The majority of people in this country have common sense. They have been beaten into submission, you know, the PC police… People are afraid to speak up for what they believe. It’s time for people to stand up and proclaim what they believe and stop being bullied!”

Ambassador Bolton believes in Protect America First!
(Captain Obvious to Conservatives)

Ambassador John Bolton was one of the first to refer to Blue Dem Obama’s administration as “feckless.”   Bolton BLASTED Obama’s foreign policy.  “Ronald Reagan understood that the principle task of the government is the protection of the United States, and who said that best, but that most libertarian of all, Adam Smith in the Wealth of Nations. ‘The first duty of the sovereign is protecting the society from the violence and invasion of other independent societies.'”

As we see the rise of the President’s “indifference and multi-lateralism,” we are reminded of the tragedy of Benghazi: “This is a terrible lesson for our adversaries to learn, that under Barack Obama you can murder his personal representative and get away scott free… Conservatives are not going to let this issue go away. We will be happy to tell Hillary Clinton, in unmistakable terms, we KNOW what difference it makes.”

Even Blue Dems Are Waking Up

Lifelong Democrat Pat Cadell spoke passionately about Benghazi.  It was refreshing to hear some honest critique from a Blue Dem. He shined a spotlight on what many (in both parties) have swept under the rug.

Pat Cadell is a bit of an anomaly in the modern Democrat Party. That is, he doesn’t join the others in “clapping seal” group-think.  Cadell thinks independently, and he doesn’t keep it to himself. Old School Dems like Cadell consider themselves Americans first, Dems second. Because of that, he is rightfully outraged about the dearth of information shared with the American public about Benghazi, even though empty reassurances were issued repeatedly by Obama and his minions.

Cadell demanded WHERE was Obama during the Benghazi attack & WHAT was he doing? He said, “It’s not about politics, it’s about truth.”  He called out Congress’s (especially the GOP members) ability to say they want answers on Benghazi, but when it requires action to back it up, they do nothing.

Rand Rocked!

Senator Rand Paul was the fan favorite at CPAC, #Winning the Straw Poll for President for the second year in a row!  Paul’s Libertarian message of “live and let live” (the core of freedom) is very popular with ALL KINDS of young people and Conservatives of all ages.

Rand spoke passionately and was met with resounding cheers and ovations from the standing room only crowd. “It isn’t good enough to pick the lesser of two evils. We must elect men and women of principle, and conviction and action, who will lead us back to greatness. There is a great and tumultuous battle underway for the future, not of the Republican Party but the future of the entire country.” Many Red Millennials — a hybrid of Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians in their 20’s and 30’s — LOVE Rand Paul.

Queen of the Keynote

She’s a rather attractive hockey mom who got started in local politics because she thought she could make a difference.  She wound up running an entire state.

Sarah Palin took on the big boys in Alaska, and in many cases, she prevailed!  As much as the Left hates her, the Right LOVES her even more.  Why? Because she is a brave Patriot who takes a stand for America — for AMERICANS — for our Constitution and our liberty.

Palin gets bonus points for being smart and funny, and just the right kind of edgy. Perhaps it’s that Alaskan accent.  Sarah Palin might be the MOST maligned person on the Right.  And it hasn’t stopped her, nope… nope… nope!

CPAC’s Youngest Inspires (or… What were YOU doing in high school?)

Benji Backer, a 16 year-old Conservative activist and columnist for FreedomWorks from Appleton, Wisconsin, was the youngest speaker at CPAC.  He talked about being bullied by teachers for his support of Governor Scott Walker. He never wavered.

Benji takes his cues from other bold Conservatives who stand unafraid. He inspired a ninth grader to tweet support and admiration, along with a possible career path. Our nation is great and will grow greater with tender care from strong hearts in each generation. Our future is in good hands.

We give special thanks to the following tweeps and members of our social community who tweeted #RedNationRising during #CPAC2014:
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Keep Rising

With more than 7 BILLION organic social media impressions since inception by thousands of our grassroots Social Warriors reaching over 2 million accounts every single day, we are a Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians (and whatever label you might imagine) FOR civics and constitutionalism across America… including Washington, DC!  Keep it up.  Thank you for supporting #RedNationRising!

Written By: Red Nation Rising’s Social Media Specialist Tari Cooper @verytari.

Twitter: @RedNationRising
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