Winning Strategies for 2014

The stakes are high going into the 2014 midterm election season. The economy is not recovering, the Constitution is being shredded at every turn, and the Affordable Care Act is falling apart. These are some issues that the GOP must use to their advantage if they want to gain seats in the House and Senate. There are three major platforms that the party could run on that would energize people and give voters a reason to head to the polls.

The first is Obamacare. Is this card overplayed? Absolutely not! No other legislation in US history has started off so disastrously as ACA. Deadlines consistently missed, or lawlessly delayed. Millions of Americans have lost their health insurance coverage due to the law’s regulations, with tens of millions more possible. Hours are being cut, and jobs are being lost. Hell, they couldn’t even make a working website!

It simply makes sense for the GOP to run on Obamacare, because it does not work. Nor will it ever work.

Why? Because the law was based on the assumption that young people (Millennials) were concerned about healthcare and wanted to buy into the market. Now we are being forced to subsidize the older part of the populace in the name of healthcare for all.

Note to the Democratic Party: if Millennials really wanted healthcare, we would have been asking for it. We tend to be very vocal about what we are concerned with. Healthcare is at the bottom.

Next, the economy is something that will be a winning issue. Everyone wants jobs (at least we hope so). Jobs are absent in this economy, in no small part due to ACA.

Push this issue. Mammoth bill with regulations as far as one can imagine don’t create jobs; they destroy jobs. If an entrepreneur has to comply with 50,000 regulations, how likely is that he/she going to start a business? Probably not very.

If entrepreneurship is being stifled by taxation and regulation, where can we expect jobs to come from? This is the question that Republicans must ask over and over again, because the Democrats will not have an answer.

Republicans must ask this question, but they must also provide an answer to it. That answer must be the repealing of ACA for one, stripping bureaucracies like the EPA of their despotic power, and reforming tax law.

Does this sound very sexy? Of course it doesn’t, but if you were looking for that you should just go back to watching HBO.

A final major platform for the GOP is the curtailing of the NSA’s massive data mining programs. No legislator has better fought this than Senator Rand Paul. His concern for the 4th amendment has gotten conservatives and libertarians excited (as anyone defending the Constitution should).

This particularly libertarian talking point can be supported by any member of the GOP, or at least the oath keepers. Why? Because it is the Constitution of the United States of America (you know, that piece of paper they swear to uphold), and because it gets people motivated and energized. Just look at Senator Paul’s comments on the NSA at CPAC this year (video below).

Millennials do not like when someone invades their privacy. We are a very individualistic generation, and the GOP needs to recognize that. How would you like it if a random person hundreds of miles away had access to all of your cell phone and internet data?

Like it or not, that’s how it is. And Millennials do not like it.

The GOP must give the young voter bloc a reason to go to the polls. These three platforms get youth energized because it resonates with them. (Personal opinion here) I want a good job, I want my 4th amendment privacy, and I do not want to be forced to buy something I don’t need! If the GOP won’t accept this, they will continue to have elections like 2006, ’08, and ’12.

Also published on Red Millennial.

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