Bundy Ranch… Patriots Answer Feds Without Violence

The conflict between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management is bringing out a pent up side of the American right’s frustration with overreach by the federal government.  Thousands of protesters flocked to Nevada supporting Bundy in response to snipers, tazers and German Shepherds being used against the family for a money debt alleged to be owed.

The cause is noble, and the abuses of the federal government are obvious.   Harry Reid’s heightening the rhetoric is not what America needs right now.  All good, decent people should agree with that irrespective of their view on the cause.  Patriotism cannot cloud out reason, and it was refreshing to see the Bundy’s answer the abuse of the Feds without violence.

Talk radio commentators like Glenn Beck have been adamant about a non-violence response to America’s current crisis.  Most emphasize peaceful protest and resistance, but to not fall into the trap of a violent uprising.  Bundy, Beck, and the others were right.

Some people may disagree.  After all, some argument may go, how else to resolve the abuses of a federal government which acts above the law.  Again… government snipers pointed at Americans for a money debt?  Federal Agents using German Shepherds, tazer guns and pushing women to the ground for protesting?  Free Speech Zones? Really???

“2014 is our 1776!” “I am the III%” “Down with the feds!”

Resisting the overreaching federal government is an imperative.  Hatred for the government’s bad actors mustn’t impede rational thinking.  We must rally together and fix the problem with our growing numbers of people waking up through forceful education.

Anyone who thinks that violence is the immediate answer to our current predicament must review recent American history.  Like Beck has said countless times, look to the example of Martin Luther King Jr.  King is revered by civil rights advocates while the militant groups of the 60’s have largely been forgotten (except, of course, by the modern militant Left).

Is the Constitution being shredded? Yes.

Are civil liberties being eroded? Yes.

Are we becoming enslaved to debt? Yes.

Did the Bundys respond with violence? No!

Violence to those (temporarily) in power won’t solve our problems.  Think about the NDAA, an absolutely terrifying thought.  Is Senator Harry Reid trying to set the stage by calling us Bundy supporters “domestic terrorists”?

America is in its third epoch of crisis.  First was the American Revolution.  Then came the Civil War.  This current crisis dates back 80 years with the Woodrow Wilson’s Progressive Movement.  We must continue to rise against this with a non-violent response, wary of the true evils displayed by BLM and Harry Reid at Bundy Ranch.

We need better representation.  They must go back to the Constitution (what’s left of it) and restore it.  There are upcoming elections in November.  We can still unite through social media and other outlets to peacefully assemble against this terrible, terrible, terrible government overreach.

Get involved in local politics, demand your representatives do what you want.  Use your voice and exercise all of your rights to call for action.  We love our country, and while many hate the government, violence is ugly the Bundy Ranch Response showed a refreshing non-violent striking answer.

Originally published on Red Millennial with edits here.

Keep Rising

We are a Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians for civics and constitutionalism against government overreach and support those Patriots everywhere who responded to government overreach with non-violence at Bundy Ranch!

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