The Plan: Pork Barrel Cities

Someday there will be hundreds of shining cities, towns and communities spread from sea to shining sea that will beckon many to come. They will not have to provide for themselves, their loved ones or help their neighbors, nor will they have to assimilate into America whether they are in America as citizens by birth, as legal immigrants or illegal aliens.

All they will have to do is vote for those in power who will forever provide their sustenance. They will be free to do as they please and live by whim and chance without worry about tomorrow, or any day in the future. Their guardian will be the government and all they have will be paid for by the money that comes from the toil, labor and backs of those in servitude outside these sanctuaries big and small.

They will be protected by the all knowing, all powerful, forever present god of the pork barrel who resides with hundreds of other demigods in council over the people that live both within and without the city. The gracious, benevolent hand of this god and his minions gives to those who are faint of heart and moral courage, who refuse to think and are easily deceived, acquiescing to the power of the philanthropic largess of the council that decides all things for the good of those who do not yearn to breathe free.

What must one do to belong? What must one do to live within these protective, selective walls made of promises where rivers of anything required or lusted for are laid at their feet because they deem themselves worthy?

It is quite simple: Nothing, absolutely nothing. A person need not try, excel, learn, dream, work, care or plan. They do not to need to compete, share or have any values, virtues, or sense of responsibility. And most importantly not ever question the motives of their government or have concern for the others outside who give their lives in sweat, treasure and blood that they may given these things.

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Written by: © Gary Orphey

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2 thoughts on “The Plan: Pork Barrel Cities

  1. Reblogged this on Bruce Atchison – author and commented:
    What a great post! Socialists act as if wishes come true. In the real world where we live, it isn’t so unless accompanied by hard work.

    May I use that pork barrel drawing on my blog? It’s perfect for what’s going on in Alberta. I feel as if I live in a banana republic instead of a Canadian province.

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