Modern Day Bread and Circuses

Red Millennial

We have devolved back to the latter days of the Roman Empire here in America, figuratively speaking. People have become so self-absorbed in their daily lives, gadgets, friends, clothes, etc. that the state of the country seems to no longer matter to them.

None other than the Super Bowl and FIFA World Cup epitomize the state of mind for many Americans. The ‘circuses’ of soccer, football, baseball, hockey, etc. have become more important and pertinent than the innumerable scandals that are plaguing the government. These scandals are something that should concern every citizen of this country, but rather we turn on ESPN and yell and scream when Brazil, Germany, Italy, or the United States scores a goal.


The 2014 Super Bowl set a record for the most watched television broadcast in history, with 108.41 million viewers. The World Cup, though not as popular as the Super Bowl, has put quite…

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