Never Underestimate the Power of Hollywood Progressive Political Agenda Especially Where George Clooney is Concerned

Never underestimate the power of pop culture in Hollywood, especially the ones who are most respected and admired by their fellow Hollywood thespians. The leader of this brigade right now is Clooney.  He does no wrong in that town. Keep in mind how much power Hollywood has over the narrative regarding America as the big evil in the world and conservatives as some sort of anti-American, hater of people, terrorist group.  Then, take a look at the latest pic and article of Amal Allamuddin in Italy in the Daily Mirror.  The  “great love story” meme is being replaced with key progressive words like “feminist” and “fierce” with regards to their “humanitarian” work in order to drum up support for their politics.  Let’s reflect on this….

England, where this woman resides as a Muslim and supposedly works as some “world renown lawyer” (impossible since she never seems to work) has had a Muslim influx of epic proportion of late. She’s a member of the Druze sect. Full disclosure…I have no idea where the Druze stand on Sharia Law, but it has been recognized legally in England. Anyone who claims to be a “humanitarian” and a “feminist” would denounce this. She does not. Why? She’s a progressive female which means, of course, regressive. Look who she’s marrying. We all know of Clooney’s unwavering support for the Progressive Messiah Obama.  This would be the same Obama who used $2 billion of our tax dollars to get the Muslim Brotherhood instilled in Egypt. They used the same Sharia Law found in England as the basis for their “Constitution”. The Egyptian people overthrew it and, with that, outlawed the Brotherhood. Meanwhile, Obama has Brotherhood members working in the White House, Hillary’s bff Huma Weiner has ties, and Hillary’s ovaries refused to name the Muslim extremist Boko Harem a terrorist organization, the same one kidnapping Christian girls in Nigeria. These women are not “feminists” with their passive aggressive acceptance of Sharia Law and it’s advocated violence towards women.

“Regressive” women also allow themselves to be doormats for their men. Take Hillary, for instance, the poster child for any “war on women” that might exist. First of all, the woman laughed when asked about getting the rapist of a 12 year old girl off. She blamed Bill’s victims for his sexual assaults. She let Obama throw her under the bus on Benghazi. This is feminism? It’s the kind Clooney and Anal support. Look at what women have been to him in his life….doormats, a means to an end, a date for red carpet events. These women have signed NADs and been compensated amply. There is a reason why we never hear from them once he dumps them. If they legally talk, they are destroyed.  Amal supposedly left her job after only a little less than four years practicing (“fierce human rights attorney”) to be Hollywood arm candy. “Progressive” women are, indeed, an embarrassment to women everywhere.

This passive aggressive acceptance of Sharia Law also explains a lot of Clooney’s “Mr. Gay Rights” conflict.  To start, he was silent on the whole “Beverly Hills Boycott” issue. Why if he’s such a supporter? Because his support of all things progressive, including Sharia Law, trumps that. Gays are killed under Sharia Law. He cannot support it and be so openly hostile toward anti-gay people.  In addition, he’s known as a womanizer, but many have often wondered about his sexuality.  He is supposedly to be named in the Singer case, and there is a whole new crop of gossip blinds now about his at least bi-sexual lifestyle, especially where young males are concerned. Once they are revealed, the charade is over. Then what? Will the gay community forgive him for staying “in” the closet for personal financial gain when he could have helped the cause most by coming out? His conservative fan base who took the verbal abuse from him because he has “free speech” and a “RIGHT to his opinion” (although he, too, blamed the YouTube video lamenting the first amendment for all regarding Benghazi) turn on him for abusing them verbally because he couldn’t be honest with himself? The man doth protest too much.

Contradictory to Hollywood belief, we have come very far since Rock Hudson’s charade was discovered. However Clooney needs for his fan based to believe conservative America is way behind the times for a couple of reasons. First, the “love story” for political gain. He pushes and will continue to push the homophobe tag on anyway who dare disagree with him on any “gay” issue. The hate speech regarding that is set and it still seems to work. He knows it and will use it. Second, his bank account in general needs his base to believe it. He has always been sold as a matinee idol of sorts. His relationships and the “will he or won’t he settle down” have always kept his name relevant. Other than the “Ocean’s” series and his ten minutes in “Gravity”, what other box office gold has he had? Finally,  his “Hail, Caesar!” Cohen brothers movie needs for his base to believe conservatives keep America stuck in the 1950’s.  This movie is about…SURPRISE!…Hollywood PR people in the 1950’s….America’s “golden age”…who have to spin hard to cover stars with “alternative” lifestyles that do not fit traditional, conservative American ideals. It’s a two-fer. He can blame modern day conservatives for the climate of the 1950’s while supporting policies and politicians that want us back there in terms of hate (see:  any Obama policy) and sexism (see:  all prior examples) while setting up the “American sucks” hate speech.  WIN, WIN!

Keeping that American hate in mind, think of the current world crises on which both “fierce humanitarians” have been dead silent. The Israeli/Palestinian war is one. Her family is “fiercely” anti-Israel, so where is the vocal Palestinian support? Obama has financed and promoted the terrorist organization Hamas against Israel. Oh…Wait…Obama has publicly called for “calm” to maintain the idea of a false US/Israel alliance to the world. That’s why they’re quiet. Have to protect the agenda. Make no mistake, though, they support, directly or indirectly, the destruction of Israel. Then there is Iraq. Clooney was one of the Hollywood idiots all over Bush for Iraq…”warmonger” and all of that. Now, wait a minute.  This is the same guy who supported “democracy” in the Ukraine, right? So Bush establishes “democracy” in the Iraq, people vote, the region stabilizes, and Obama lets it go to hell.  CRICKETS. Why? Because it’s still Bush’s fault that democracy was instilled to be destroyed in the first place, it’s Obama, and they’re Muslims.  Never mind, too, that ISIS found chemical weapons there. You know…the WMDs that didn’t exist because Republicans love war? Okay, then.

Then there’s the manufactured crisis at our boarder. Obama has CREATED a situation that supports the TRAFFICKING of CHILDREN purely for political gain. They are being raped, kidnapped, sold into slavery, and overwhelmed with disease….all to collapse the country. SILENCE from George and Amal land. Why? They support Obama and his agenda of destroying the country. No…you say…he wants to run for office here! No he doesn’t. He wants some political position that gives him power to redistribute what will be left of our country once Obama’s done with it. Actions. See the necklace she’s wearing in the picture? The article is not surprised Amal’s wearing it because Frida was a “fierce feminist”, too. No…Frida and her husband were activist supporters of communism, specifically Stalin. They were involved in the Mexican Revolution. They were both bi-sexual, and, just like with Amal yesterday, Frida’ s mother was against the union.  That necklace is there for a reason. She knows the media will be all over the “great love story” while she can subtly promote their politics. Wait for him to be out in a Che T-shirt soon enough.

Everything that happens in this relationship is calculated for political gain. He did, after all, choose a non-American anti-Israeli FEMALE to “change his ways” i.e. make him more palpable to the American voting public. Every time they leave the house and have pics taken they have so far been staged to push the “great love story” meme. That’s not working as well as expected, so it seems he’s pivoting back to “humanitarian” issues. Remember it’s their pet issues that run counter to American values, which is why the “Mr. Everyday American” ideal must be forced…and why comparisons are made via his PR machine to REAGAN not Obama.  Don’t fall for it. Tell your not so political friends not to fall for it. They’re bad news.


3 thoughts on “Never Underestimate the Power of Hollywood Progressive Political Agenda Especially Where George Clooney is Concerned

  1. Amal Allamuddin went to an array of world-class colleges and law schools, and is most definitely a working lawyer. As soon as you questioned her professionalism, I stopped reading, as your facts clearly left the room at that point, if they were ever there.

    Do your research before making assertions. Basic principle of making an argument. You’d learn that if, say, you went to law school like Amal.

  2. Both Amal and her mother are on record making repeated anti-West and anti-USA comments. Arab blogs have also condemned Amal for only representing despots with stolen money, all of them very anti-American. This is not a political marriage, as much as one for monetary connections in exchange for fame, and thus more power for both sides. Look deeper into Amal’s relatives and Mid East connections. Who is doing the manipulating? Don’t believe the fake stories of who did the chasing, and for what purpose.

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