Increased Awareness about Common Core is Dramatically Boosting Opposition

Glenn Beck is holding a live national event on July 22nd, “We Will Not Conform,” to air in over 700 theaters. Beck said he aims to arm Americans with the knowledge to speak out against the Common Core education standards and that it won’t be a “show”.

This event approaches amidst the growing success of the tsunami of grassroots action turning the tables on the federal takeover of K-12 education. The shifting of the narrative will continue as awareness about Common Core is spread.

In June, a Rasmussen report based on a national telephone survey found support for Common Core has fallen from 52 percent down to 34 percent. This is great news and speaks volumes for hundreds of groups and tens of thousands of citizens exposing the attempt to nationalize education.

The results of another survey are both startling and pitiful. In April, Gallup found that 37 percent of public school parents had not even heard about the controversial Common Core standards. This speaks volumes about how little attention parents pay to their children’s education. These are probably the same people that cast votes for candidates they know nothing about, nor care to know about.

In the same Gallup poll, the high-info parents were found to strongly oppose Common Core Standards.

Common Core began shrouded in deception and proponents continue to make sure the details are cloudy. The standards were drafted behind closed doors by academics and assessment “experts”, many with ties to testing companies. Since two of the companies working on the project are private, they are not subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Because of this we do not have the ability to find out how they selected the Standards Writing Group nor how they came up with the standards.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees that the states have sovereignty over educating their children and there is even federal law forbidding the setting up of a national curriculum.

Because of our pesky Constitution, they touted the Common Core project as “state-led”; an effort led by the National Governors Association, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and Achieve, a private consulting firm. The Gates Foundation provided more than $160 million in funding, without which Common Core would not exist.

For some of us, it’s easy to see through the (not so) transparent administration regardless of any smokescreen or Saul Alinksy tactics used. Obama’s uncharacteristic restraint from outwardly politicizing Common Core is surely to avoid fueling the fire of opponents, branding it as the ‘Obamacare of education’. We know the truth, Common Core is a powerful tool to advance the progressive agenda. Make no mistake, the regime is in full control of the process.

Uninformed voters, especially uninformed parents, are passively damaging our already broken education system. If by grassroots efforts we were able to double the awareness to 74 percent, we could kill the Common Core leviathan.

The intrusion of privacy through data mining would warrant the attention of any sensible adult in my estimation, even if they’re ignorant to the actual educational standards. The data mining is truly Orwellian and opens even more doors for government overreach in the future.

Most states accepted the hundreds of millions of dollars from Barack Obama in exchange for forcing upon us a set of educational standards that are rotten to the core. Governors and state legislatures across America have backtracked and have buyers remorse. Parents and teachers nationwide are in open revolt. The stakes could not be higher.

Tickets to Glenn Beck’s July 22nd live national event against Common Core are available at

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