Riots in Missouri Bring Needed Attention to Police Power in the U.S.

Red Millennial

It is time for Americans at large to watch what is going on not just in Ferguson, MO, but all across the country with local police forces. In the waning years of the Iraqi and Afghan wars, surplus military vehicles and supplies have made their way onto the market for small town police forces to grab up and take to the streets of Everywhere, USA.

This is a problem that many Americans do not understand, and often do not want to understand because of what it entails. A police force that owns tanks, grenade launchers, .50 caliber machine guns, armored personnel carriers, etc. seem to have a culture of  force. As stated by Bill Maher, when you get a new toy, you want to use it. A child wants to use his new Red Rider BB gun when he gets it, and police forces just naturally want to use their…

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