Where is America’s Soul?

Red Millennial

On this thirteenth anniversary of 9/11, I would like to present a rather sober topic to you, the reader: the condition of America’s soul. Such a day of national unity and remembrance is a fitting date for this topic, at least in my mind. I shall being my discussion with a brief history lesson.

The inward condition of man affects the outward political order. This was the understanding of the ancient political philosophers; Aristotle, Plato, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, etc. All of these ancient thinkers had a distinct focus on the condition of the soul. In order to have a good society, people had to be taught to be virtuous.

However, there came a point when there was no longer a focus on the soul. Thinkers in the modern era, beginning with Machiavelli, focused on institutions to mold humans into a certain political order. Rather than focusing on creating virtuous people…

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