US Congress Candidate Kaifesh Has History of Selfless Service

The first time I heard Larry Kaifesh speak was at the regular monthly breakfast of 150 – 200 Patriots from the West Suburban Patriots in the Western ‘Burbs of Chicago.  Originally, I’m from New York.  Home of perhaps the most selfish people you’d ever meet.  Listening and then meeting Larry Kaifesh for the first time I knew it immediately.  For Larry Kaifesh, selfless service is more than a slogan.  It is a commitment.

Committed Kaifesh Makes Promises

Larry Kaifesh is the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in the Eighth District of Illinois.  Despite the fact that the district is currently held by a Blue Dem beneficiary of dirty “Chicago politics” redistricting, there is an immense groundswell of good feeling in the Kaifesh camp.  Larry does that.  He brings out the good in people.

Larry Kaifesh turning a Blue Seat in Illinois a Conservative RED!
Larry Kaifesh turning a Blue Seat in Illinois a Conservative RED!

Like all of us, Larry Kaifesh is frustrated with the Washington DC political elites.  So he has made several bold promises to his constituents.  Larry Kaifesh pledges to:

  • take NO Congressional pension.
  • steer clear of the special healthcare plan given to members of Congress.  He will keep his own plan!
  • donate half of his salary to select different charities and non-profit organizations selected by the people in his district.

How refreshing is that?  Larry Kaifesh is not running for himself.  He’s running for the good, decent American people he served — selflessly — oversees and now domestically.

The Kaifesh Corps

I’ve gotten to know many in the Kaifesh Corps, the group of people working on his campaign.  They’ve become good friends and the raw enthusiasm they have is contagious.  Larry generates that type of support.

Larry turning a Blue Dem district in IL a conservative red

The race for this seat in the 8th District of Illinois is not getting national attention.  The Blue Dems think they have it.  But I’ve walked a precinct and there is a growing groundswell of support for Larry Kaifesh.  I think he’s going to win it for We The People.

More About Larry

“The people need leaders who are equal to their constituents. That is what the ideal of selfless service is all about,” Kaifesh said, adding, “We need a citizen-legislators, not elites sitting in their ivory towers in Washington trying to guess what is best for the people.”

Larry Kaifesh has served twenty-three years as an infantry officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. He currently is a Colonel in the Marine Reserves and is commander of the 2nd Civil Affairs Group based in Washington, D.C. Born in Elgin and raised in Carpentersville, IL, he holds a B.A. from Indiana University and a M.A. from the U.S. Naval War College.

Keep Rising

We are a Red Nation Rising of Centrists, Conservatives and Libertarians uniting to the right for Civics & Constitutionalism and we support candidates like Larry Kaifesh!  As Larry says, “We have a country to save.”

Written by: @JimLysaght

Many, many thanks for all your support across the Red Nation Rising Platform!

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