Republican Women Dominate

Republican women dominated the victory columns last night. Why? Because Republican women ran on the real issues like the economy. The Democrat women lost because they campaigned on birth control and ovaries, not the economy and jobs, and were propped up by anti-women special interest groups like Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, and Hollywood. The patriarchy set these women up for failure, and they gladly fell for it.
Alison Grimes-put in place by the dem patriarchy to beat “old, rich, white” Mitch McConnell, she said she would “f*ck” the coal companies once elected and was not just pro-abortion but at one time was pro-post birth abortion,. Backed by Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List, and Hollywood (Kentucky is, after all, Clooney’s home state and much of his family still lives there), she crashed and burned..
Wendy Davis-put in place by the dem patriarchy to “turn Texas blue”, she left her husband after he paid off her student loans, abandoned her two children, advocated for killing babies after 20 weeks gestation, and advocated for post-birth abortions. But…but..but…PINK SHOES! Not only did she crash and burn, her old seat flipped, too. She, also, was backed heavily by Hollywood, Planned Parenthood, and Emily’s List.
Which set of ovaries was the biggest loser of the night? Hillary Clinton’s. The only place she truly won was PA, and I doubt that was because of her (I live here). She didn’t help the ovaries she was supposed to help. Her message fell flat in Senate races in Iowa (Republican woman won), Colorado, Nevada, Kentucky (Grimes lost), Georgia (Nunn lost), Louisiana (Landrieu to a runoff), and North Carolina (Hagan), and Mass (Coakely), Maryland, and Illinois picked up Republican governors and Michigan, Florida, and Wisconsin (Burke) kept theirs. People aren’t interested in breaking a glass ceiling with Hillary’s ovaries, it would seem. Oh…she, too, a darling of Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List.

The most poster child for the “women are only the sum of their ovaries” meme LOST in LIBERAL CALIFORNIA. That’s right…SANDRA FLUKE lost her bid. Awww….
Now, let’s take the Republican women. They are the complete opposite:
Joni Ernst-veteran, mom, pig farmer, NOT a lawyer, first female senator from Iowa—her win gave the Republicans the sixth seat they needed to take control. No Hollywood, Planned Parenthood or Emily’s List support.
Shelly Moore Capito-first female senator from WV; ran on a pro-coal, there is no “war on women” just a ‘war on jobs’ platform; highly effective; no Hollywood, Planned Parenthood or Emily’s List support.
Mia Love-first Female African-American Republican Senator from Utah-and a Mormon to boot. Ran on a platform of fiscal and personal responsibility, family, and faith. No Hollywood, Planned Parenthood or Emily’s List support.
Nikki Hayley (SC) and Susanna Martinez (NM) handily won re-election as governor of their states. By the way, Love, Hayley, and Martinez are also minorities.
Moral of the story? We are more than our ovaries. That’s why we belong to the party of individual accomplishments over special interest. Democrats and their policies are the real “war on women as they reduce us to nothing more than our ovaries and require government dependence for us to function. Republican women are smart, proud, hard-working, government independent individuals who embrace their ovaries, not thinking there’s nothing they can’t do because they don’t have a penis. We are the true role models for girls in this country.
Oh…and it Seems if women want to get anywhere in politics, it might behoove them to stay away from Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List.

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