The Veggie Tales Doctrine vs. The Government Doctrine

Red Millennial

For those of us that grew up in Christian households, Veggie Tales was commonplace. And who, as a 5 year old, could resist talking fruits and vegetables that taught about the Bible? It’s truly brilliant the way that the producers of the show put an effective teaching method into practice. I like to call their approach, fittingly, the “Veggie Tales Doctrine.”

Now what exactly is so brilliant about Veggie Tales? Anyone can use a little bit of computer animation to make pixels dance in such a way that young children are entertained. Yes, but that is besides the point. The approach taken by the producers demonstrates a key principle in a healthy society: educating our children.

What makes this so special? Well I’m glad you asked. There is a key aspect about the Veggie Tales doctrine that makes it so important, and that aspect is voluntarism. Almost nothing is more…

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