”Leave Our Churches Alone!” National Cathedral Defender Tells Her Tale

In her words.  The woman who rose up against the Muslim Brotherhood at the Washington National Cathedral, in Washington, D.C. on Friday has penned her saga and shared at the Facebook Page “Breitbart – One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened.”

She’s Said More Than A Prayer

If you missed it, Muslims were invited to pray at the Cathedral.  They faced Mecca, bowed without seeing crosses or other Christian symbols, and prayed to Allah.  In a church.  Here, in America…  on the 100th anniversary of a call for Jihad which resulted in the slaughter of millions of innocent Christians.  But this fearless Christian lady interrupted things.

Christine Weick Defends National Cathedral
Christine Weick Defends National Cathedral

According to WND, the woman stood up, pointed to the cross and shouted “Jesus Christ died on that cross. He is the reason we are to worship only Him. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. We have built enough of your mosques in this country. Why don’t you worship in your mosques and leave our churches alone?… America was founded on Christian principles… Leave our church alone!”

Her story… in her words…

“My Friends:

I start this saga with Psalm 27. “Jehovah is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?”

This has been my motto many times throughout these past couple of years. It became my substance once again this past week.  Here is the chain of events that led me to do something most women would never think of trying…

Tuesday, November 11, I read on the Drudge report an article referring to the Islamic worship service at the Washington National Cathedral located in Washington, DC.

Blood Boiling

My blood begins to boil as I read the comments of how this is to be such a wonderful event and how religious tolerance can, for the first time, be shown in our nation’s capitol.

I have felt my blood boil before, I call it righteous anger. I also know when God places something on my heart – I am to pay attention. I call a few close friends and let them know I will need to make a decision within the next day or so if I am to make the 400 mile trip from Kingsport, TN to the Capitol.

After much prayer and encouragement – and yes, some nervous doubts, I make the decision to leave early Thursday morning. This is when the first miracle happened…

The First Two, of Many, Thumbs Up

As I am driving on a stretch of the highway, I come upon a car pulled off alongside of the shoulder. As I pass, a woman steps out of her vehicle. She points in my direction, gives a two thumbs up and claps her hands. I am puzzled. Why would a woman do that? Then it hits me! Was that my affirmation of my decision. It pushes me onward towards my mission. I wonder if that woman will ever know what she did for me that day! I hope she reads this article.

But I still have doubts, will I get arrested? Am I willing to take the condemnation from others, will I fail? Will I even get the opportunity to make the impact that I intend? Psalm 27 refreshes my mind.

I arrive in DC that evening and find a parking garage a block from the cathedral. I slept in my SUV that night and was surprised how well I did sleep despite the running of my mind.

Prayer Warriors

At 10:00 Friday morning I walk to the cathedral. I knew from reading about the event that it was closed to the public and only those by private invitation would be admitted. It would be a challenge with the first hurdle in getting in.

I had my few prayer warriors working on their end. One of them mentioned that she would pray that I become invisible to the security guards. Now God placed on my mind a few things. I know these came from Him because I don’t think I would have thought of them. I took my ID with me, but it concerned me because it was a Michigan driver’s license. It may raise a red flag to an observant security guard. I chose to wear my best Sunday clothes, with my best coat. I had to look like I was attending an important church service. I included a scarf just in case I needed to cover my head. You never know if Muslim protocol was required upon admission.

I find a security guard outside the building and I ask which door was the best to get into the cathedral. I noticed the main front doors were locked and had notices posted that the cathedral was closed to the public until 2:00PM. He directs me to the other side where a smaller entrance was being used. Here comes the biggest challenge… how do I get in? There was a touch pad security device and the door was locked. Just as I approach (to knock), a security guard steps in front of me, punches the numbers, and opens the door for me! I am in! As he turns towards me I tell him that I am to serve refreshments. Now… that was not a lie! I could twist this two ways.

Refreshing Mental, Spiritual and Physical Strength And Energy

First, I was the “refreshment” (lol), and I also planned to assist with refreshments, assuming there would be some. Using this excuse, I would at least be able to get in and then leave quietly after working with the ladies.

This guard then takes me to the first check point. He says I am with the refreshments and I get through – no questions, no checking my ID! This second guard takes me to the main floor foyer and directs me to a woman standing with a clipboard. He tells her that I with the food and she asks if I need “Lorna”. I say “Yes” (I do need Lorna) and she tells me Lorna hasn’t arrived yet. So I say I will use the restroom and be back.

I found the restrooms in the basement and waited in a stall for an hour and a half. I am now getting really nervous. The butterflies are starting to hit – bad. I texted my other warriors and told them I was in and to pray hard!

I had two more hurdles to go. A large group of security guards were posted at the entrance of the sanctuary. I had to get past them, somehow. And I needed to get to the front where the ceremony was.

At 11:45, I exit the bathroom stall. I knew the service would begin about noon or maybe 12:30. But I wasn’t certain. I prayed. In fact, I prayed the entire time I was in the bathroom. Psalm 27 again.

An Unsuspecting Media Savior 

A woman was washing her hands at the sink as I left the stall. She had a Press tag on her blouse so I knew she was with the media. She also had no headscarf or hijab so I decided not to put my scarf over my head. I asked her if she knew what time the service was to start and she replied, “In a few minutes. Do you know where to go?” I didn’t. Here is the next miracle… she then says, “Follow me and I will take you to the front.” WOW! Oh God! Really??

I walked with her into the main foyer up to the security line. We walked right past the guards and into the sanctuary! I was INVISIBLE!

The walk through the sanctuary was incredible. The cathedral is beautiful. It reminded me of the great cathedrals in Europe when I visited there. We walked maybe for 5 minutes, up to the front of the cathedral, where she showed me where to sit. I found an open seat right in the front row – another God-Thing.

Muslims Conquering The Cathedral?  Not On Her Watch!

I was shocked at what I saw. About a hundred people were sitting in chairs around rugs that were placed on the floor. Muslim women, separated from the men, were seated on the rugs. To my right was the news media with the cameras and recording equipment. In front of me were the prayer rugs, I could have stretched my legs and touched one.

Then it hit me… I had such an angst come over me. Seeing these Muslims sitting on their rugs ready to bow to a god, causing such an abomination in the house of the Lord! Then my heart started pounding – like I have never felt it pounding before! I texted my friends again. Please pray!

The Bishop began speaking and thanked everyone for coming. He stated the Call of Prayer would begin momentarily and spoke some words in Arabic. I prayed… “Lord! Tell me when!” At that moment I saw a figure of Christ on the cross some distance away. I stood up. The rest is history.

Psalm 27. “Jehovah is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?”

I still cannot fathom how the Lord could use me. I am such a weak, sometimes stubborn person who doesn’t always get things right. But I remember saying after I got escorted out, “Lord! Thank you for letting me do this!” I did it for God. No one else. And He allowed me to do it!

May what I did be not about me. I can do nothing without Jesus Christ. In my weakness, my fear, my doubts, and certainly my failures – He shows His strength! I just needed to trust Him. Psalm 27 all over again.

May I encourage you? We are in God’s army, Soldiers of the Cross! We should act like it. There is a battle out there! WARRIOR UP PEOPLE! ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS!

In Christ,

Christine Weick


What an amazing story!  Thank you to Christine Weick and Joni for sharing this.

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3 thoughts on “”Leave Our Churches Alone!” National Cathedral Defender Tells Her Tale

  1. God bless this woman, and I hope He uses His soldiers to do much. We need to listen to the Holy Spirit to determine what He wants us to do.

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