These Four People may be the Key to Repairing Relations Among Americans

Red Millennial

All too often we hear about White-Black race relations, or White-Hispanic relations, or Black-Cop relations. It’s time to reject this narrative. Such marginalization of people only separates these respective groups farther apart, and makes reconciliation all the more difficult. The Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, and other race baiters of contemporary American society are doing more to damage American society than anyone else.

I propose rejecting these voices, and paying attention to people who seek to unite all Americans across the board. This is my short-list of people who I believe to be key in bringing people back together again.

1. Tim Scott

tim scottTim Scott is a class act. First appointed Senator by Governor Nikki Haley in 2010 after Jim DeMint resigned, little attention was paid to him by the media or Americans at large. However, the 2014 midterms broke tremendous records, particularly for Scott, as he became the first Black…

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