The Left’s Never-ending Onslaught

Friends, we are under attack by the Left in much the same way that an octopus stalks its prey: with many tentacles, all moving simultaneously, but in different directions at different speeds, using stealth, subterfuge, and deception as its tools, with all parts moving ineluctably toward one final objective: the subversion and overthrow of our Constitutional Republic.

The Left uses the same approach used by Hitler and the National Socialists (you know them better as Nazis): deceit and legislative incrementalism.  And when they can’t Gruber us or ram through several thousand-page bills that must be passed to find out what is in them, they implement their totalitarian agenda by means of regulatory rulemaking and administrative memoranda.

Remember, Germany was a Republic too.  But bit-by-bit, Hitler slowly accreted power, arrogating to himself unprecedented authority.  He used seemingly innocuous rulemaking and legislation, each new encroachment on the Liberty of the German people deemed to be essential, transformative, weaving a web from which there was no escape, creating a whole that ultimately led to the Holocaust.  Are you seeing a parallel yet?

As George Santayana warned us, “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”

So what are these tentacles of the Leftist octopus that seeks to destroy us?

Obamacare, of course, is one. Nothing is ever what it seems with Leftists.  The Affordable Care Act is neither affordable, nor is it about healthcare.  Up is down, Left is Right, and Right is wrong.  George Orwell warned of how political speech could be used to manipulate a people and that is Leftism 101 right there. Like everything with the Left, it is about control.  Leftists do not seek to govern, they seek to rule. They think they know better than We the People and they feel entitled to lie to us to achieve their ends.  Jonathan Gruber admitted as much.  On video.  Many times in many forums.  This Administration is the most Orwellian ever, when it isn’t being downright Kafkaesque.

The abortion rights lobby is another.  Generational genocide is waged by an organization called “Planned Parenthood.”  Founded by racist Margaret Sanger to eliminate the black race, Planned Parenthood portrays itself as concerned with “women’s health issues.”  Meanwhile, 93% of Planned Parenthood abortion mills are located within walking distance of black and Hispanic neighborhoods.  More black babies were murdered in utero last year in NYC than were born.  And if you doubt that the elimination of the minority races is a primary objective of Planned Parenthood, consider Sanger’s own strategy of co-opting “charismatic ministers to counsel their flock and assuage their fears.”  Just a spoonful of sugar makes the genocide go down. In a most delightful way.

Another tentacle is the homosexual rights lobby. It too uses deceit and legislative incrementalism. They swore up and down in Massachusetts in the 1990s that they only wanted the right to legally adopt children, not to marry.  Swore up and down that marriage wasn’t their objective. And so the Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts granted them that right by judicial fiat.  And, of course, Massachusetts was the first state to mandate homosexual marriage, also by judicial fiat.  But wait, I thought they didn’t want that!

Common Core is yet another. It is, by its very nature, a bid for the heart and soul of our nation: our youth.  By asking them to properly punctuate sentences like “It is every citizen’s duty to obey the government.”  EXCUSE ME? It is every citizen Patriot’s duty to oppose an oppressive government.  THAT is what the 2d Amendment is all about!

So too are the Occupy movement, the illegal immigration movement, and the sham “civil rights” and “police brutality” protests that George Soros has funded across the country.

And all with one and only one ultimate objective: to fundamentally transform this Constitutional Republic into a totalitarian, tyrannical democracy.

Curiously, Islam is another tentacle that has co-opted the Left and that uses deceit (under the principle of taqqiya) and the incrementalist approach.  Where do you think we got the aphorism about not allowing the camel’s nose under the tent?  Their own book instructs Muslims to infiltrate the lands of the infidels, to deceive them and pretend to assimilate until, by outbreeding the citizens of their host nation, Muslims will compose a sufficient presence to begin the overthrow of those nations and to institute Sharia.  THAT is what the riots that burned down large swaths of Paris and Stockholm were about. And that is what is going on in Dearbornistan, MI today.  And THAT is what not even the Leftists realize is the REAL “deep game” afoot.

Written by: Timothy Shea

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One thought on “The Left’s Never-ending Onslaught

  1. eow Timothy you hit the nail square on the head! I fear not this slide to socialist control because of great minds like you and James. I know the necessary muscle you need to re-establish this Republic is available in the wings. Look at our lack of success in Iraq! It takes generations to change the minds of the people. The in flow of those not born here is a keen strategic move. But many of them came for the freedoms and will see the problem when the fight gets ugly.

    Keep up the good work!

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