President Narcissus, Your Tee Time Is Ready!

We have, without a doubt, the most narcissistic President in the history of the Republic currently occupying the Oval Office. And that’s saying something! Presidents are not, by their very nature, shy, retiring types.  Nor do we want them to be. But what we want—what is NEEDED in that hallowed Office—is a LEADER, not a petulant, preening, priss.

“Hey,’ he said, ‘If you don’t like what I’m doing, win an election!”  Well, we’ve won two of the last three.  Maybe not at the top in 2012, but Democrats have now lost both the House and the Senate. And what does the wanna-be BoyKing do?  Announce that he has a pen and a phone and doubles down on shredding the Constitution.  He doubled down by announcing “executive action” to illegally offer amnesty to those who have broken our immigration laws.  He doubled down by unilaterally reversing our policy toward Cuba in exchange for…NOTHING!  Just a sop to his Communist brethren.  He doubled down by releasing Gitmo prisoners back to the battlefield, a sop to his Moozie brethren.  He doubled down on the twin lies that Gentle Giant Mike Brown had his hands up when he was shot and that Eric Garner died from a chokehold.  And never one to let a manufactured crisis go to waste, he also last week doubled down on the lie that North Korea was behind the Sony hack, by imposing sanctions on that nation.

As Dinesh D’Souza pointed out on Twitter last week, Obama is a reputed “Constitutional Scholar” (which he most assuredly is NOT!) who has never published a scholarly article, not even a case commentary “note” when he mysteriously made the Harvard Law Review.  In fact, the only thing he HAS published are two books, both about himself.

My guest two weeks ago, Diann Russell of All The Right Snark, thinks that Obama is actually mentally ill and suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Now, I’m not a mental health professional, nor do I play one on TV, but I’m also not saying that Dianny is wrong.

Here’s what frustrates, infuriates, and astounds me though:

We KNOW that he was born a British national in Kenya, to a reputed father who was a Kenyan British national and an American mother who could not confer citizenship to him because she was still a minor.

We KNOW that the circumstances of his birth don’t even matter because even if he HAD obtained American citizenship at birth, that American citizenship was renounced when Lolo Soetoro adopted him. Indonesia does not permit dual citizenship and Obama was clearly and demonstrably an Indonesian national when he lived in Indonesia. (And indeed, probably attended university and law school here and traveled to Pakistan as an Indonesian national.)

We KNOW that he was a MAJOR stoner who flunked out of little-regarded Occidental College and…SOMEHOW? was able to transfer to Columbia University (transferring into an Ivy is virtually impossible), where the head of the Political Science department—no right-winger he—has no memory of him, despite teaching two courses required of every PoliSci major.

We KNOW that he was somehow accepted to Harvard Law School, where he not only made the Law Review, but was elected its Editor. And what OF this mysterious election as editor of the Harvard Law Review (an honor reserved for only the best of the top students) despite having never even published a case commentary Note? Hmmmm

Well, we also KNOW that the Saudis made incredibly substantial “donations to both Columbia and Harvard that ever-so-coincidentally just HAPPENED to coincide with the admission of Barack Obama to those august and upright institutions, those exemplars of moral courage.  We also know that there are no such things as coincidences, at least not in politics.

But wait, there’s more!

We KNOW that his social security number is bogus. It was issued to CT resident Harrison Bounel born in 1890.  We KNOW that he fails eVerify and isn’t even eligible for a lowly administrative assistant job in his own Administration because of it.

We KNOW that his Selective Service draft registration application was badly forged.

We KNOW that the “birth certificate” he released was also an inept Photoshop forgery.

We KNOW he was brought up by Communists (including his actual biological father, Frank Marshall Davis) and, by his own admission, surrounded himself with radicals who see it as their mission in life to overthrow this nation.  And he said so himself, that his goal was to “fundamentally transform” this nationl

We KNOW that his very first act in office was to sign an Executive Order prohibiting disclosure of any information related to his past, including school records, passport records, etc.

And we KNOW that he has spent MILLIONS of dollars keeping the public from learning the truth about himself and his past.

We KNOW he gained election as U.S. Senator in 2006 by breaking the law and leaking the Republican candidate’s sealed divorce records that contained salacious details about that candidate’s reputed sexual appetites. (That’s right, bad behavior is only rewarded if you’re a Democrat and a Democrat who toes the line at that!)

We KNOW that he blackmailed John Roberts into an 11-th hour reversal of his opinion regarding the Constitutionality of Obamacare.

We know ALL these things…and yet NOTHING is done!

As I tweeted first thing on New Year’s Day: would someone PLEASE advise @BarackObama that the Constitution would like to play through?

Written by: Timothy Shea

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One thought on “President Narcissus, Your Tee Time Is Ready!

  1. Excellent essay, Timothy – but I expected nothing less. Thank you for sharing your voice – it is vital!

    Resistance is Futile

    How can you resist
    Such leadership?
    Would you deny me
    My rightful rule?

    How can you not see
    The crown fits me
    And I am not your
    Ordinary fool?

    How can you resist
    Such rule as this,
    While I draw my lines
    And beat my chest?

    How can you not see
    They voted for me
    Because I’m their Christ
    And I know best?

    How can you resist?
    You know I’ll win,
    Because I’ve blinded
    You all with lies.

    How can you not see
    Futility –
    See that your resistance
    Is most unwise?

    How can you resist
    When I insist
    That I’m here to save
    The lot of you?

    How can you not see
    Your king is me?
    I am your saviour,
    And Jesus too!

    How can you resist?
    Not get the gist
    Of the truth I’ve told
    Between the lines?

    How can you not see
    That you made me?
    You refused to see
    The many signs!

    Last Modified: December 09, 2014 at 08:30 pm
    © ThePoetDarkling – all rights reserved

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