Muslims on food stamps demand food meet Islamic requirements [Video]

These Muslim refugees in Minneapolis, MN, are now demanding a tax-funded “halal” non-pork food shelf at a free food pantry for the poor. These Somali Muslims make up nearly all the “American” Muslims joining ISIS, their relatives here are demanding that Americans adhere to the same Sharia Laws the Islamic State fighters are trying to impose throughout the Middle East.

Their arrogance and self-entitlement has to be unprecedented for a group taking government hand outs. Tens of thousands of Somalis settled in Minneapolis/St. Paul after the last three Presidents imported them and funded massive “refugee” centers there. Welfare, schools, hospitals and social services have been crushed by the burden of immigrants who lack the most basic skills to live in a modern society.

We have emboldened legal and illegal immigrants of every descent. Muslim refugees and immigrants have been appeased more than any racial, geographic or religious group. Appeasement of Muslims on American soil serves to embolden the radical element around the globe. We are weakened as a nation and our kindness is taken advantage of and laughed at by our enemies.

h/t Rebooting Liberty

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