Standing for the Lord in Texas

In her words… again!  Christine Weick — hero to millions of people rising — is the woman who made national news and rose up against the Muslim Brotherhood at the Washington National Cathedral, in Washington, D.C. a few months ago and she’s done did it again!

Christine Weick Defends National Cathedral
Christine Weick Defends National Cathedral

On Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 Weick wrangled up a hot mic during Texas Muslim Capitol Day (can you believe it?) in Austin, Texas.  She has penned her latest litany and shared at the Facebook Page “Breitbart – One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened.”  We are humbled to present it.

Here’s Her Words… For All to Hear

Coming back from two Muslim conferences in Garland and Houston, Texas, I learned about yet another event planned only a week and a half later in Austin, the Capitol.

I felt like Texas was another target in the sight of the Muslim agenda. After meeting many fellow Christian believers and Patriots I quickly signed on to the event in Austin. I teamed up with my new friend Liz and headed to the Capitol.

The weather on January 29, was perfect. When we walked to the Capitol grounds that morning, a small group was already in place with signs proclaiming Jesus Christ and American patriotism.

The podium and microphone were already set up with a “Texas Muslim Capitol Day” sign hung on the front of the podium.

Mass Transit Muslims

The Muslims were beginning to arrive, by the busload. They had planned to bus in as many as would attend, from all over Texas. We were obviously outnumbered and that alone made a statement for the news media who were also gathering to record the event. Our group of “standers” probably numbered about 50. The Muslims bragged they had hundreds.

I stood with my sign in the area designated for us with the other “standers”. I really had no intention of speaking at all when I arrived. But when I had seen the podium and open microphone… well maybe I would!

Someone near me agreed to hold my sign and I walked past the officers and went towards the Capitol steps and ‘mingled in’. I removed my cap that said “Israel” in colorful letters – it just wouldn’t blend very well, obviously.

More Than A Prayer

The speeches were to begin at 9:00am and they delayed the start until 10:30am, to allow for those who were late to arrive in time for the speeches. About ten speakers stood around with their notes in hand, as I continued to wait along with them. No one seemed to think I was out of place.

The media was setting up the cameras facing the podium and the steps. My friend Liz found me and I told her what I planned to do. I asked her to tell the group to pray for me and also gave her my keys to my SUV. I instructed her to take care of my vehicle in case I was arrested. Then I prayed.

Someone from the Muslims told everyone to stand behind the podium and fill up the Capitol steps (all on purpose for the media). The speakers were told to line up in the front – so I did too!


Finish What She’s Started – Don’t Be Silent Anymore!

A woman began her speech and commented on how wonderful it was for the SEVENTH annual event for Muslim Capitol Day. She mentioned her affiliation with CAIR, and that alone should anger every American! That’s when I approached the podium.

I grabbed the mic with both hands. And said, “I proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the Capitol of Texas! I stand against Islam and the false prophet Mohammad! Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God it will not dominate Texas!” Two Muslims tried to remove me, but I held on to the mic tightly – I nearly toppled over the podium! I intended to finish what I started to say.

The small group that I left holding their signs, erupted in cheers! They were not silent anymore! They continued to heckle the speakers at everything that was said by them. I was allowed to join them after my speech, no arrest, no problems at all with security. I actually think the officers enjoyed the American spirit coming from a passionate small group of ‘standers’.

Our Red Nation Rising

The irony I find in all of this is that the Capitol would not offer a podium or microphone to the Muslims, so they provided their own. Well, I honored my Lord Jesus Christ by using their own equipment!

We made a difference! The Lord was honored first! Allah was knocked off his block! Praise God!

Rise up Christians. Rise up Americans. Rise up for GOD and COUNTRY!

Written by: Christine Weick

What an amazing story!  Thank you to Christine Weick and Joni for sharing this.

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