For fixing the nation’s problems, Americans are looking in all the wrong places

Red Millennial

There is a dangerous new trend in American politics that is seen by few, and well-articulated by fewer. Both parties are guilty of it, and it is irrespective of personal philosophies (largely).  That trend is the continual appeals to Washington DC to solve the problems facing the nation.

Let’s be honest here. Most of the problems that the United States is facing have been started or exacerbated by the federal government, and its “need” to intervene in the economy, foreign nations, social issues, etc. Spend more money to alleviate the debt, they said. It would work, they said…

Each time the capitol is sought after for solutions, the ability of people to solve their own problems necessarily decreases. However, this trend did not simply appear overnight. It was due to the long and hard work of the Progressive movement that we now see the power of Washington DC, and the…

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