Where Are Today’s Sons of Liberty?

History Channel ran a fantastic miniseries last week entitled “Sons of Liberty” that focused on the events from 1765 leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.  If you missed it, or were one of the 3.3 million Americans who watched it the first run, please check out History’s Sons of Liberty website for more information at History/Sons.

MA Battle

A Historical Drama For Modern Audiences

Having been a Bostonian for nearly 20 years and a history buff all my life, I found a few historical and geographical mistakes.  For example, they had NATHAN Revere and William Dawes riding off together before splitting up to warn Lexington and Concord that the British troops were marching to seize the colonist’s main weapons cache and to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock, when in point of fact Revere rowed across the river to take the shorter route from Charlestown and Dawes took the much longer, Southerly route across Boston Neck through Roxbury.

No mention at all was made of the lanterns hung in the steeple of the Old North Church as a redundant alert in case neither Revere nor Dawes were able to make it out of Boston.  Further, the cry of Revere and Dawes throughout Middlesex County was not “The British are coming,” as the colonists considered themselves to be British citizens.  Instead, the likely cry was “The regulars are coming” or “the redcoats are coming” (the latter of which was, to its credit, also used in the miniseries).  Of course, the troops were actually referred to by the colonists as “lobsterbacks,” but I cavil.

Taking Liberty With the Facts, Yet Highly Informative

The Battle of Lexington took place at dawn right on Lexington Common, not in a field some distance from the town center.  Likewise, the Battle of Concord took place at the North Bridge, not at Barrett’s Farm, some mile and a half distant, where the weapons cache had originally been hidden.

Most distressingly, however, was the portrayal of Samuel—for that is what he called himself and how he was known—Adams as a drunken brawler when he was the Clerk of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and a respected married man and of Dr. Joseph Warren as an adulterer who was having an affair with the wife of Massachusetts Province Governor General Thomas Gage, an affair that lead to his death at the Battle of Bunker Hill (which, of course, was fought on Breed’s Hill) at the hands of a jealous General Gage.

Indeed, Dr. Warren was engaged and his fiancée, Mercy Scollay, was in Worcester with his four children by his deceased first wife.  There IS however credible, albeit inconclusive, evidence that Margaret Gage WAS Warren’s highly placed informant who alerted him to the raid on Lexington and Concord and the arrest warrants that had issued for Samuel Adams and John Hancock.


No mention at all was made of the CAUSE for the British evacuation from Boston on 17 March 1775—more on that date in a bit below.

In one of my favorite stories from the Revolutionary War, Col. Henry Knox led a team of ox-drawn sledges hauling tens of thousands of pounds of artillery hundreds of miles from Ft. Ticonderoga at the Southern end of Lake Champlain in New York State to Boston in the dead of winter.  The cannon were intended to fortify Dorchester Heights, to the South of Boston proper and commanding a view of both the city and the harbor.

Perhaps the most telling detail of this amazing operation was the arrogance of the British troops.  The only access from the West to Dorchester Heights was past the fortification on Boston Neck.  So the colonists constructed a blind out of hay bales and such to obstruct the view of the British regulars protecting Boston Neck from attack.  Knox dragged the cannon within 100 meters of the uninterested British lookouts and General Gage awoke furious to see fortifications and artillery on Dorchester Heights dominating the city and harbor.  He had no alternative but to withdraw.

Join Or Die

Evacuation Day

Above I promised you more and here it is: in the early 20th century the Boston Irish wanted St. Patrick’s Day to be an official holiday, but the ruling Brahmins would not accede to their request.  Until the clever Irish politicians dug into the history books and discovered that 17 March was the day the British troops and Loyalists evacuated the city, thus ending the Siege of Boston.

When presented with a request to celebrate Evacuation Day, the Brahmins were forced to comply, else they would be denying their own heritage.  To this day, Suffolk County (contiguous with the Cities of Boston, Chelsea, Winthrop, and Revere) celebrates Evacuation Day and all county and city employees get the day off.  The law enacting the holiday was signed in both black — and green — inks.

Sons of Liberty Got Much More Right Than Wrong

Immense credit is owed to the History Channel and the producers of Sons of Liberty got much more right than wrong.  I particularly appreciated that they showed Christopher Seider to have been the first casualty of the Revolutionary War, not Crispus Attucks, who was the first casualty of the Boston Massacre that occurred some weeks, not mere moments after Christopher was shot dead.

They also portrayed the accumulation of abuses suffered by the colonists and captured the sense of frustration that this accumulation of grievances created in the people of Boston.  The American Revolution was not a hair-trigger response to a single event.  The present regime should well note that.

People Want NOW What They Wanted In 1765 — A Fair Shake

Citizen patriots should well note that General Gage tried to snuff out the revolt against the Crown by controlling the sale of shot and powder, something the present regime is also trying.  Why else do you think that the Federal government has purchased so much small-arms ammunition recently?

And its not the Defense Department. These purchases are all of hollow-point rounds, which are ILLEGAL for the military to use internationally. No, it’s the US Postal Service, Social Security Administration, the Department of Agriculture.  Even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: NOAA, which gives us maritime weather reports.

Not to mention the 450 MILLION rounds by DHS, with another 100 MILLION by FBI.  Almost a BILLION rounds of ammunition total.  Enough to fight an Iraq and Afghanistan war for over TWENTY YEARS!  But it can only be used here at home.  The reason for the Federal stockpiling? Consume production.  Good luck finding some for yourselves on the shelves.

Sons of Liberty on History Channel
Sons of Liberty on History Channel

Red Nation Rising Regulars Against Tyrannical Regulations

If the Federal Government can’t buy up all the supply, they’ll force out the suppliers.  EPA regulations shut down the nation’s last remaining lead smelting plant, a move that Allen West has decried as “backdoor gun control” designed to make ammunition less available and more expensive.

Operation Chokepoint is a DOJ initiative being coordinated with DHS to strongarm banks into severing ties with legal businesses that the Regime frowns upon: gun stores, sporting goods stores, and the like that sell both weapons and ammunition.  The theory is that denying them access to capital and banking services will drive them out of business, choking off the supply of a legal product to its customers: us.  I called this twenty years ago when they came for the cigarettes.

We have a Federal government that is RAMPAGING out of control and order needs to be restored.  Where are today’s Sons of Liberty?

Written by: Timothy Shea

Where Are Today’s Sons of Liberty?” first appeared as Timothy’s Essay of The Week live on our interactive Radio Red Nation Rising episode for Monday, February 2, 2015.  You can listen to it here on SoundCloud.  The Essay has been edited for blog optimization.

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One thought on “Where Are Today’s Sons of Liberty?

  1. Timothy
    Very good read. Thankyou for taking time to address the short comming of the flick. I am a descendant of Dr Warren (mothers side). You ask where are the current Sons of Liberty? I tell you to look no further than your shoes. You are one of many who are sounding the cry. There are many strong people ready and willing to take up arms against the evil that lurks. Damn their monies and ammo. We are the PEOPLE.

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