Are Illegal Immigrants Responsible For The Measles Outbreak?

Is there a correlation between the measles outbreak and the resettlement of unaccompanied minors?


LASTE UPDATED: 2/10/2015 @ 11:45 A.M. EST

The recent measles outbreak has caused a debate about whether or not all children should be vaccinated. I personally believe that a parent should have the right to decide whether or not their child gets a vaccine, however, that’s not the point of this writing.

There was an enormous surge of illegal aliens this past summer with many of them being unaccompanied minors. This surge in illegals overwhelmed the system and the DHS didn’t have the manpower to handle the influx of illegals. Instead of sending these people home, the DHS resettled these people throughout the United States.

From October 2013 through December 2014, there have been 58,672 unaccompanied minor children resettled in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. In all, UACs were resettled in at least 163 counties.

This past summer we saw an enormous surge of illegals coming across the southern border. The surge began in late 2013, but the numbers increased dramatically once the weather warmed up and they made their way through Central and South America.

Since this surge in illegals, there have been numerous outbreaks of viruses not seen in the US in decades, or thought to have been eradicated in the US. The outbreak of the day is the measles outbreak that has increased over these last several months.

Prior to the measles outbreak we saw an outbreak of the Enterovirus D68. This virus was first identified in 1962 when four people became sick with the illness. It wasn’t seen again until 1975 and from then until 2005, there were only 26 cases. From 2005 until the recent outbreak, there were another 47 cases. From mid August through November 6, 2014, the CDC, or state public health laboratories have confirmed a total of 1,116 people in 47 states with EV-D68.

Anyhow, back to the virus outbreak of the day…..

All of the attention regarding the source of the outbreak has centered on unvaccinated children in the United States. Not one credible news agency has touched on the possibility that the measles outbreak, as well as the Enterovirus D68 outbreak, might just be linked to the influx of illegals seen last year.

The latest count on the measles outbreak has grown to 166 confirmed cases in the United States. The latest included 5 children who contracted the virus at a day care in Palantine, IL. I noticed that Palantine, IL happens to be in Cook County, IL. I also happened to notice that Cook County has received 273 unaccompanied alien children (UACs).

This got me wondering how the measles outbreak correlates to the resettlement of these illegal children. What I found out was incredible and is as follows:


Breakdown for 159 confirmed cases……

Arizona has had 2 confirmed cases in Maricopa County and 5 in Pinal County
Arizona received 326 UACs
Maricopa County has received 273 of those UACs
Pinal County is adjacent to Maricopa County

California has had 107 confirmed cases in 11 counties- UPDATE INCLUDES 4 NEW CASES
California received 6,508 UAC
10 of those 11 counties that have 106 confirmed measles cases received 5097 of those UACs
Solano County, 1 confirmed case, is the only county that did not receive UACs, but it is right in the middle of five counties that did

Colorado has had 2 cases in El Paso County- UPDATE INCLUDES 1 NEW CASE
Colorado received 482 UACs
El Paso County has received 65 of those UACs

District of Columbia has had 1 case

District of Columbia received 416 UACs

Illinois has had 9 confirmed cases in Cook County- UPDATE INCLUDES 3 NEW CASES
Illinois received 611 UACs
Cook County has received 273 of those UACs

Michigan has had 1 confirmed case in Oakland county
Michigan received 210 UACs

Oakland county is adjacent to Wayne County which received 52 of those UACs

Minnesota has had 1 confirmed case in Hennepin County
Minnesota received 364 UACs
Hennepin County is the only county with a confirmed case not near a county that received UACs. However, the college student who contracted the virus had just come back from international travel.

Nebraska has had 2 confirmed cases- UPDATE CHANGES 1 CASES TO WASHINGTON COUNTY

Nebraska received 417 UACs
One person diagnosed with measles had just spent several days in Omaha which is in Douglas County which received 122 of those UACs
The other child diagnosed lives in Washington County which is adjacent to Douglas County

Nevada has had 2 confirmed cases in Clark County

Nevada received 257 UACs

Clark County has received 212 of those UACs

New Jersey has had 1 confirmed case in Hudson County

New Jersey received 2959 UACs

Hudson County has received 325 of those UACs

New York has had 1 confirmed case in Duchess County
New York received 6,441 UACs
Duchess County is adjacent to 10 counties that have received 6,091 of those UACs

Oregon has had 1 confirmed case in Lane County
Oregon received 137 UACs
There is no county information for UACs in Oregon

Pennsylvania has had 1 confirmed case in Cumberland County
Pennsylvania received 731 UACs
Cumberland County is 2 counties away from 5 counties that received 447 of those UACs

South Dakota has had 13 confirmed cases in Davison County and 1 in Minnehaha County
South Dakota received 60 UACs
There is no county information for UACs in South Dakota


Although no county data is available for the resettlement of UACs, I have been able to find information in local news sources that stated that at least some of the UACs ended up in Sioux Falls which is in Minnehaha County which is the location of one confirmed measles case.

I also found information on a Lutheran church in Mitchell, SD which is affiliated with several Lutheran Organizations that have assisted the DHS for eight years specifically resettling unaccompanied alien children. Mitchell happens to be in Davison County which has had 13 confirmed cases.

I have left the 14 confirmed cases in SD out of my calculations below as of now until I can get further confirmation regarding UAC resettlements in the state.

Texas has had 1 confirmed case in Tarrant County
Texas received 8,085 UACs
Tarrant County has received 282 of those UACs

Utah has had 3 confirmed cases in Utah County- UPDATE INCLUDES 1 LESS CASE PER UTAH COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT
Utah received 134 UACs
Utah County is adjacent to Salt Lake County which received 66 of those UACs

Washington has had 2 confirmed cases in Grays Harbor County and 1 in King County
Washington received 463 UACs
King County received 153 of those UACs
Grays Harbor is 2 counties away from King County

To sum all that up:

NOTE: The most recent available data concerning the measles outbreak only included 159 confirmed cases through February 6, 2015.

159 confirmed cases of measles
126 of those cases were in counties that received UACs
11 of those cases were in counties adjacent to counties that received UACs
5 of those cases are no more than two counties away from counties that received UACs
1 of those cases had just spent several days in a county that received UACs
15 of those cases are in states that do not have county info available for UACs- South Dakota & Oregon
Only 1 of those cases was not near a county that received UACs, however, that person had just completed international travel

Since adequate data is not available for the resettlement of UACs at a county level in South Dakota and Oregon, 15 confirmed cases total, I removed those from the following numbers:

144 confirmed cases provided county level data
Of those cases, 126 of them, or 87.5%, were in counties that received UACs
Of those cases, 137 of them, or 95.1%, were either in a county that received UACs or adjacent to one that received UACs.
Of those cases, 142 of them, 98.6%, were either in a county that received UACs or within two counties from one that received UACs.
Of those cases, 143 of them, 99.3%, were directly, or closely linked to counties that received UACS as specified above and from the 1 case who had just spent several days in Douglas County
The final case was a person who had just completed an international trip.

I’m not an infectious disease specialist, a scientist, or medical professional. What I do know is that the above data is beyond the definition of ‘statistically significant’. I also know that any medical professional/infectious disease specialist would be looking much more closely at this correlation if they had done the research themselves.

The rapid influx of illegal alien children and others is set to increase again as the weather warms up. These children will be shipped throughout the United States under the cloak of secrecy just as the 58,672 have through December of last year.

Regardless of ones personal beliefs concerning illegal immigration, amnesty and the resettlement of these unaccompanied illegal minors, our government needs to begin putting the safety, security and wellbeing of American citizens over their own political desires.

I will be updating this as more data comes available. I will also be looking at the correlation between the Enterovirus D68 and the resettlement of UACs. What I can say at first glance, is it is strikingly similar to the outbreak of measles.

Until then, may God bless you and your family and keep y’all safe!

Pat Riot

UPDATED 2/10/2015 at 11:45 a.m.

P.S. As of today, we only have county data for both confirmed measles cases and the resettlement of UACs for 144 confirmed cases.

Of those 144 confirmed case of measles, 143 of them are either directly linked, or very closely linked, to the 163 counties that have received UACs.

Only one confirmed case of measles is linked to any of the 2,981 counties that did not receive UACs and are at least three counties away from one that did.

2 thoughts on “Are Illegal Immigrants Responsible For The Measles Outbreak?

  1. Not a bad use of numbers. Biggest error that most would make that to your credit you did not , is an attempt to make a definitive statement with rather sparse data. You did not make that mistake. Instead you make a simple correlation that you are more likely to see a measles case in an area that more likely had UAC’s.

    County lines are actually three separate things and you kind of approached this (a Good Thing). There are the map county boarders. These are created by man and have little relation to the people in them. There are the Geo-Physical boundaries that better define the people with in the area ie. Two counties bordered by mountains and a river will actually function as a single county. Finally there is the county by Social and Economic relations. A spares county next to a county with the major shopping acts as the county with the major shopping area.

    Would like to see a correlation graph of the number of UAC’s as it relates to the number of cases reported. Got a felling that it is going to look much like a standard bell curve. How much it is deviated and in what direction from that will give you a bit more understanding of the correlation.

  2. mmunization, the discussion has two basic categories. Natural immunization and Induced immunization. Each of these has two sub categories. Active immunization and Passive immunization. Each of these Four subcategories have Good points and Bad points, in that rests the problems. Some have short term effects, some have life long effects. Some can be passed to the fetus from the mother some can not.

    Although this is all well documented and well know by groups like the CDC it is NOT well know nor understood by the general population nor with our most inept media. In this lies the problem.

    There is some advantage to passing natural immunities on to the General population. After all, this ability to adapt is how we have survived and grown as a species. To what degree? Got me guessing but I’ll bet that the Governments CDC has a pretty good idea but the general population to include our inept legislators haven’t got a clue.

    It seems to me that this is the fault of the CDC. It’s their job to inform us as to the real pros and cons. Without any studies to read or voices of reason to listen to I have only an intuitive feeling that about 20% of a population using Natural immunization that can enter the population for ever is a good thing. Yes the other 80% should run to their doctor and get their shots.

    For you Star Trek TV buffs, yes that was an episode nearly 50 years ago.

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