Justin Amash: Liberty’s Greatest Ally in the House of Representatives

Red Millennial

For many years, Texas Congressman Ron Paul was one of the greatest champions for liberty in Congress. In 2012, Paul’s tenure in Congress came to an end though, and with seemingly no adequate replacement to take the torch. Rand Paul, his son, has done many great things in the Senate during his short political career, filibustering the Obama administration’s use of drone strikes most notably. However, the House of Representatives lacked the intense vigor that the elder Paul had brought to the House floor.

Those days are gone now, as a new man has risen to take the torch of liberty in the House. That man is Justin Amash, third term incumbent Congressman from Michigan’s third district.

Amash was elected in 2010 during the Tea Party sweep. Before entering Congress, he served in Michigan’s State Legislature. One of Amash’s most notable features as a statesman is his voting record…

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