Cruzin’ at #CPAC2015

Senator Ted Cruz just spoke on the main stage at CPAC 2015. His central message was that the politicians in Washington need to be asked (about the right to privacy, the right not to buy a product we don’t want, the right to express ourselves freely, our Second Amendment rights, and so on), “You SAY you believe in that right. That’s great. That’s fantastic. WHEN HAVE YOU STOOD AND FOUGHT FOR IT???”

After he spoke, Senator Cruz took questions from Sean Hannity. “What are the top five agenda items of a President Cruz?”

1. Repeal every blasted word of Obamacare.

2. Abolish the IRS. Put the IRS employees on our southern border.

3. Put the alphabet soup of regulators like the EPA out of business. They should not be making our laws.

4. Defend our Constitutional rights. ALL of our Constitutional rights.

5. Restore America’s position of leadership in world as a “shining city on the hill.”

The last question from Sean Hannity, “Why do you love this country?” Senator Cruz passionately reminded us that when his father came to America, fleeing the loss of freedom in Cuba, Rafael Cruz promised that he would DIE before he would lose his freedom AGAIN!

Cruz closed to rousing applause with this, “Brighter days are AHEAD! We can do that TOGETHER!”

Written by: @verytari LIVE from #CPAC2015 in Washington DC

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