STOP NCLB – Unconstitutional Federal Control Over Local Education of Our Kids

We must not compromise.  Especially when it comes to our kids.  Any position which leaves a bill in place with the federal testing mandates of NCLB – No Child Left Behind — is bad.  Oklahoma Rep. Jim Bridenstine is one of growing numbers who “get” the work involved in stopping the federal government meddling with our children.

Grassroots to STOP NCLB

Although it is a tiny band aid on a horrible bill, stopping the feds includes amending bill HR-5.

HR-5 was “temporarily” pulled from voting.  Thus, concerned parents and other constituents have an unexpected opportunity to work on stopping federal control over testing – by removing NCLB.  Republican Speaker Boehner and the issue of DHS funding recently interfered with intense pressure on Congressional members to address HR-5.

Many years of grassroots battles by good, decent people and truly noble groups against NCLB’s federal control are finding growing members in Congress embracing the COURAGE to help STOP NCLB.

Where is YOUR Congress Member?

Make sure your Congressman or Congresswoman will fight to stop NCLB!!

While Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) contains federal funding for Title 1 — and many other issues that need to be exposed — the first order of business for regular Americans is to STOP NCLB.  HR-5 rewrites and expands the ESEA –  including NCLB.  Remove NCLB!  Vote it down!!

Change History

Some disturbing history on Speaker Boehner & NCLB’s federal testing tentacles:

  • Speaker John Boehner stood thirteen years ago with Senator Ted Kennedy at the signing of NCLB — No Child Left Behind Act — as Preezy Bush signed it into law.
  • Boehner was hand-picked in January 2001 by Bush’s Administration to take over the Education and the Workforce Committee while noble GOP Congressmen were in the process of stopping a great deal of Federal Control in Education.
  • Many GOP Congressman worked very hard for years to REMOVE federal control of education, including Congressional Field Hearings, which produced a documented report.
  • Boehner and Bush killed their work and seized the education committee in 2001.
  • Speaker Boehner is a huge obstacle in grassroots work to STOP NCLB because he has been an instrument in giving the federal government more and more control of testing in local classrooms.

Worse Than Boehner

Under the Obama administration, the Federal Department of Education (FDE) has direct control of testing items which the FDE can “review and revise” in the Common Core testing developed for the two federally funded testing consortia – PARCC and SBAC.

These federally controlled testing tentacles spread to PEARSON, the world’s largest global corporation and highly controversial agent for testing and curriculum which now has ACT in a stronghold.

PEARSON’S ACT looks to grow the mega monster into evermore areas of each and every state’s classrooms.  Got it??  The Federal Testing tentacles go far and wide and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  The Federal Department of Education (FDE) is rapidly moving to implement non-cognitive or affective (emotions, feelings, beliefs / attitudes) testing.  Can you imagine?  Well, this is NOT new!

Our Kids Belong To Us… Not the Govt, Dammit 

A federal lawsuit in the 90’s proved had a court find that a pilot test for the NAEP – National Assessment of Education Progress – was filled with non-cognitive affective testing. The test items uncovered were used to evaluate an individual student’s “locus of control” or in plain language… to find out if they are loyal to a group or act as an individualist.  That is scary stuff!

Our children’s education, their minds and personal privacy, are at stake with federal testing.  Is it legal?  Well, everyone knows — or should know — that our U.S. Constitution does not allow the federal government any power over local education.  Those Founding Fathers were smart men.

Our Founders knew LOCAL was the best.  Wake up!  STOP NCLB!


Thank to Jim Bridenstine and all the other Congressmen and Congresswomen who will stand up against John Boehner and other Blue Dems (and GOP members operating under false pretenses) because of an Un-American federal education agenda and other issues detrimental to our local communities!

Check hashtag… #STOPNCLB!

Written by: Linda Murphy, Oklahoma Educator on 2/28/15

Linda is the Former Deputy Commissioner for Workforce Education and Training.  Please feel free to contact Linda via email at

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