PODCAST -Wayne Dupree as Special Guest on Radio Red Nation Rising


One tweet from one man started Red Nation Rising, a spark that resonated and energized disillusioned Americans in the midst of searching for something to pick them up off the ground after the second face plant liberty suffered in 2012. It’s all of us in the community that took the spark and used it setting brush fires of freedom, as Samuel Adams said.

All of us in this community are driving the Red Nation Rising “vehicle” with force, enlightenment and a spirit that will never stop fighting to restore the Republic, to bring back this great nation to its founding principles by holding elected officials’ feet to the fire. There’s still hope.

Everyone participating on Twitter or any other platform represents the catalysts and purpose for this radio show.

As you’ve heard Jim say, “We are a Red Nation Rising”. The same goes for Radio Red Ned Nation Rising. There are brilliant ideas in the works to get more of the Red Nation Rising Community involved in the live show. Thank you for listening and being part of this.

Remind others that it’s optimal to experience the show live for its interactive nature.

In case you missed the show with guest Wayne Dupree on Monday, the podcast is available below.

Here are listening options.
There are free apps available for these – Android and Apple

Live listening and chat room >> newsninja2012.com/radiolive

Listen Live at  Tune In Radio and Live 365


Keep up with the show @RadioRedNationRadio Red Nation Rising
Follow Host Timothy Shea @timbotim62



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