America Needs Leaders With……..COURAGE

Contributed by Dr. Randy Arrington
Political Scientist, Author and Retired U.S. Navy Aviator
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When I teach political science at UCLA, I begin by postulating this humble premise to my students. Politics is simple. Politics is easy. In fact, the undergirding dynamic of politics hasn’t changed since Plato and Aristotle were first conjuring up their political theories way back in ancient Greece.

Politics is the authoritative allocation of value in society. Simply stated, politics is about Who gets What, When and How. Value and values are disseminated from the myriad of resources we possess as a nation, both tangible and moral. Certainly our national assets are indeed abundant but they can be needlessly squandered unto extinction. There is a limit to what we can do with our national treasures.

Contemporary politics has evolved into a complex leviathan because we the people have allowed politicians and University Professors to deceive us into believing that politics is extremely complicated. And, as such, that it requires their particular brand of genius to comprehend and properly manage all of the intricate variables so that our society will be successful and have longevity. Power and prestige have indeed corrupted our politicians and our academics during this evolutionary process. There is no worse heresy than the office sanctifies the holder of it. But, again, we the people must share the blame.

The Founding Fathers created America as a nation based upon consent of the governed (not divine right), and upon limited government intrusion to maintain order and liberty. Government was to protect the nation against invasion, both foreign and domestic, and to create an atmosphere of liberty. Freedom would encourage people to pursue opportunities to succeed in life, according to individual desires. As long as citizens didn’t harm others during their pursuit of success and happiness, the government apparatus would not be an impediment to them. In other words, citizen’s liberty would not be removed or incrementally chipped away by the government. Remember, liberty is not the power of doing what we like, but the right of being able to do what we ought to be doing.

Although Order, Freedom and Equality are the political goals that our American government pursues today, Equality in a social context didn’t become a formally recognized objective in American society until Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. Economic Equality as a political value was solidified in the 1930’s when Roosevelt’s socialist public policy agenda was adopted.
In a society, Truth often Changes because truth is routinely subjected to human interpretation. What is highly valued in one generation can easily become the pariah of another. What is truth in one generation can easily become a lie in the hands of another.

Here is a good example: Hard work, ingenuity and determination are the pathway to success in America. Americans of our Greatest Generation understood this truth. They would literally pull themselves up by their bootstraps and work extra hard to become successful, despite the many obstacles thrown into their path.

This eternal truth slowly became distorted in the minds of progressives, liberal academics and socialist politicians, who successfully brainwashed activists, students and constituents into believing it to be a lie. Today many Americans believe that no amount of hard work will make them successful because the deck is unfairly stacked against their success. In fact, many believe that their continued failure in life is the direct result of a conscious conspiracy by some specified group of selfish, enterprising people.

Therefore the remedy for this unfair situation is that government must fully subsidize the failed citizen’s existence, and forcibly deny liberty to those fortunate enough to be successful. The express purpose of socialists is to redistribute success and value to those among us who are allegedly less fortunate because of circumstances beyond their control.

In the 21st Century we do not have Majority Rules in America, as we were all taught in the fifth grade. Today, small cadres of people often dictate how the majority of citizens can and will live in society. In America we have Minorities Rule. As such, we must continually be on guard because the “Tyranny of the Minority” is much worse and more damaging than the tyranny of the majority. The tyranny of the minority has the potential to permanently alter the way people actually think and analyze the political context in which they live.

To be sure, today’s Socialist/Communist Democrats are a huge impediment to the longevity of contemporary American society, as envisioned by our Constitution. But there are others as well and they reside within the elite hierarchy of the Republican Party. Several elected officials and top organizational Republicans have deceived us into believing they are true conservatives. They are the Republicans in name only who, corrupted by the power and prestige of their office, do not have the courage to boldly stand up for conservative values. These elected officials sell out conservatism merely to get re-elected, and the leadership of the Republican Party allows this to occur during every campaign cycle. All of these individuals, these RINO’S need to be weeded out and sent back into private life. All of them need to be exposed for what they really are, and defeated at the polls or removed from those top echelons of the Republican Party organization.

When I was considering running for Congress in 2010 against Democrat Representative Susan Davis in California’s 53 Congressional District, I was utterly dismayed by the attitude of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). The only question the NRCC asked me was how much money I could raise and how quickly. They claimed to like my true conservative political platform and my campaign motto (SPEAK THE TRUTH THEN ENDURE THE CONSEQUENCES). But when I told them that if I won the House seat I would only stay in office for three terms (six years) they turned a deaf ear to me. I told the NRCC that I would leave Congress and allow another individual to fill the office. After all, that’s how The Founding Fathers envisioned public service in Congress; it was never intended to be a permanent, lifelong career as it is today. Remember this, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that all power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

America needs strong leaders who will stand up and boldly speak the truth, despite the media onslaught and vitriol that will be hurled at them on a daily basis. This is a daunting task to ask of any potential statesman, but our nation is worth such a personal sacrifice. The danger is not that one class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern.

Great men are almost always bad men. The conservatives that we elect must surround themselves with staffers who keep the office holder firmly grounded in humility, always reminding him or her that they are public servants, not rock star celebrities. The elected officials must never forget that the people they serve actually hold the power. Elected representatives, merely exercise political power on behalf of their constituents. We all need to be a student of history because history is not a burden on the memory; it is an illumination of the soul.

Speak the Truth
Endure the Consequences

Randy Arrington, PhD

Published here with permission.
Follow Dr. Arrington at @KeroseneCowboy or @RandyArrington

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