April 22: Climate Deniers Day

For a while now people who have paid attention (not just conservatives) have understood there is an underlying reason to the whole “Global warming”/”Climate Change” push.  With everything else going on in the world…radical Muslims slaughtering Christians worldwide, ISIS 8 miles from our border, race riots, erosion of our liberties…it never really seemed a top priority to everyday citizens. Polls show it still is not. However, this week on April 22nd many schools, colleges, and community events will be held on April 22nd to celebrate “Earth Day”, or what one might call “The Global Elite Celebrate Gruber Voters Walking  Into Their Wealth Redistribution Trap” day because that is what the green agenda is-an admitted rouse of “feel good social justice” to redistribute the world’s “wealth” to the 1% thus effectively setting up a one world government. Yes, it sounds ridiculous but….

When the IPCC report of September 2013 was released, UN IPCC Lead author Richard Tol admitted to no global warming for 17 years and referred to the UN’s “inbuilt alarmism” about it .  This report basically confirmed everything about the non-existent man-made hysterical global warming threat, which sent those who were using it to push some seemingly unannounced agenda into a panic. First point to damage control was to  change the name.  If the science could no longer be manipulated by top scientists to instill the feat of God into us that man-made “global warming” hysteria  would cause us all to die, then “Climate Change” would.  Progressives use language the way Clinton uses women, and this term can be molded to fit whatever the need for it is on any day. Who can deny it? The climate changes. It has changed cyclically throughout history. This is nothing new. BUT…to “deny” it now in terms of manufactured hysteria versus the actual meaning of the term could make one a “climate denier” which is, of course, ridiculous. However, the left pounced almost immediately.

Hollywood, the top pushers of the elite agenda for political and financial gain, pounced first.  Clooney, DiCaprio, and Begely, Jr. started to push the term “climate deniers”, even calling those of us who can read and understand science “stupid”.  Hypocrites, though, they are.  DiCaprio flew in a private jet six times in six weeks but he is building an Eco-Resort in Belize.  Clooney?  He, too, flies around in private jets, took big oil money to produce the factually incorrect Syriana, and used gas-powered boats to transport guests through the canals of Italy to promote the advertising gala that claimed to be the “wedding of the century”.

1411850152246_wps_22_Actor_George_Clooney_righ 1411854483653_wps_52_George_Clooney_third_righ

How romantic! However, if one dug further they would find, no doubt, that these Hollywood hypocrites, who heavily shape the worldview of our youth, are funded heavily by the global elites who are, indeed, using “climate change” to redistribute the world’s “wealth” to the 1% thus making the 99% effectively dependent on them. This is why,  in the past few months, the great “climate change debate” has reached a feverish pitch.   It is the greatest threat to Obama’s daughter’s ashtma…or the US…or something.

Those funding the Hollywood hypocrisy and the “climate change” hysteria have been outed not as great lovers of the earth but lovers of money and power.  The goal behind  “global warming”/”climate change” was stated publicly by the executive secretary of the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change back in February not to “save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism”. Look at two of its primary backers:  George Soros and Tom Steyer.  Soros, who made a great deal of his wealth in the coal industry, has invested over  $1 Billion in “green energy” not, so much, for the environment but because , according to him, “The system can be gamed; that’s why financial types like me like it–because there are financial opportunities”. This is a man who became a billionaire at the expense of other people’s well  being from the collapse of the Soviet Union to the collapse of the bank of England.  A one world government under  an “open society” is his endgame. He is a Nazi sympathizer and proud hater of capitalism.  If the recent #peoplesclimatemarch looked like an Occupy rally, it is because they are one in the same. Both are financially supported and enabled by George Soros.

Buying governments to force its citizens to fund their cronies redistributes the wealth of the world in the ways they deem fit, thus essentially fulfilling Soros’s dream. Tom Steyer is another one who made a bulk of his fortune through the coal industry but has now turned “Green” because of the financial benefits and control it reaps.  He spent tens of millions in hopes of buying midterms seats for climate friendly democrats in the 2014 midterms.  Buyoff the right politician to push the “climate” agenda against the will of the people, collapse the system, get richer, and take control. That is the plan.

However, the plan is not working with the American people who are old enough to vote, though, as the midterms showed, so  Obama plans on using an executive order to push through cap-and-trade.  This will, according to David W. Kreutzer, Senior Policy Analyst in Energy Economics and Climate Change at The Heritage Foundation, amount to a large redistribution of American citizen’s wealth the likes of which we have never seen: “Implementing a cap-and-trade program to cut emissions by 70 percent creates a transfer within the United States that is equivalent to taxes on the order of $250 billion to $300 billion per year, just for the years 2012 to 2030. The combined transfer is about $5 trillion in just the first 20 years. This takes the purchasing power from the households and turns it over to the federal government or to whomever the government assigns the rights to the permits for emissions (allowances). This would be one of the largest taxes in the economy–almost twice as large as the highway use taxes.” Since the science no longer supports the whole “man made global warming hysteria”, the progressives now have to push “Climate Change” to take down America and capitalism.  Since the climate has always changed over time and will continue to do so, calling it out for what it is will get one labeled a “climate denier”, and the redistribution of our wealth to the 1% will be executive ordered upon us.  We will be made to care. This executive order might financially hurt and emotionally bruise those of us who remember America as a Republic. This is not the concern of the global elite as they have that covered, too.  Proclaim us “climate deniers” and indoctrinate the youth through the public education system.

The problem the global elites are having in destroying capitalism at the moment is generational.  The radicals from the 1960’s are dying off, those from the 1970’s and 1980’s who lived through the debacle that was the Carter administration but then were rewarded with Reagan, have seen this before. We know there is hope for Republic if true free market capitalism is ever to return.  However, we did not grow up under the full reign of the department of education.  This is where the biggest fight against brainwashing of “climate science” occurs today.  When Al Gore’s factually incorrect movie “An Inconvenient Truth” was released, it was REQUIRED VIEWING in public middle schools. Hollywood touted Al’s movie and gave it many awards. These kids knew that, too.  We all know how heavily influenced they are by pop culture.  Then came “35 Inconvenient Truths:  The Errors in Al Gore’s Movie” , and it slowly and quietly disappeared from the curriculum.  There were no retractions, though. No corrections to be had. The seeds had been planted.

Now schools celebrate April 22nd as “Earth Day”, which is marked as the” largest secular holiday in the world”, celebrated by more than a billion people every year.   The date, April 22nd, however, was not randomly chosen. Vladmir Lenin, a “Marxist who believed in the necessity of a violent overthrow of capitalism through communist revolution  to be followed by a dictatorship of the proletariat as the first stage of moving towards communism, and the need for a vanguard party to lead the proletariat in this effort” (sound familiar?) was born on this date. Therefore, the first nationwide Earth Day was held April 22, 1970, on the 100th anniversary of his birth. April 22nd also marks the start date in 1912 of the publication of Pravda, the “voice” of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and, ironically, the start date of witnesses testifying in the Army–McCarthy hearings.  Next week, however, elementary and middle school children will be told to “save a tree” as we need it’s “green energy” to survive. High school and college students will be told the horrors of oil, fracking, and plastic. “Ban the Bottle” campaigns are touted as are “Save the (fill in the blank)” campaigns, which are usually directed at the “horrors” of capitalism supported businesses. The kids will have no idea the ideology upon which this feel good/do-good “science” is based.  They will, however, know they are partaking in some sort of “social justice” and for that they should be proud. Between the public education system, especially Common Core which uses “Climate Change” as a main topic in it’s “informational texts”, and pop culture pressure applied via palm greasing in Hollywood, the global elites “have sought to make Earth day into a day of action which changes human behavior and provokes policy changes.”  Thus, those of us  over 30 who “deny the climate” to the up and coming indoctrinated youth are not to be trusted.  Trust the government, instead. It knows better.

Next week “Earth Day” will be celebrated on April 22nd by almost a billion people worldwide who have no idea they are being “Grubered” into full submission to the global elite. They will feel good about themselves, call those who do not celebrate it “climate deniers” like good sheep, and have accomplished nothing to actually help the environment by the time the day is over. No…it is not some random date. No…it is not to “save the environment”.  It is calculated and targeted for global governance…Lenin’s Marxist dream.

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