Arizona conservatives fighting to #RetireMcCain in 2016: GOP headquarters in Phoenix hit with ‘Primary McCain’ posters



The executive committee of the Arizona Republican Party in a closed meeting on Saturday voted against a proposal to authorize up to $75,000 for a lawsuit aimed at closing the Republican primary, according to a statement from the state GOP.

The closed door meeting took place while protesters gathered outside. The Arizona Freedom Alliance reported 30 protesters, mostly elected precinct committeemen. As protesters arrived, they were met by three deputies from the Sheriff’s office. The AFA recorded a protester asking one of the deputies why law enforcement was there. The deputy replied, “we’re here to warn protesters they are not allowed to step off the sidewalk on to Arizona GOP property”. The meeting and the building were closed to the precinct committeemen, despite it being mostly empty.

Scenes from GOP headquarters Saturday were shown at the close of the 9:00 PM news on FOX10. A reporter came on the scene as the meeting was ending.

Coinciding with the meeting, GOP headquarters in Phoenix was hit by artists with ‘primary John McCain’ posters, calling for a closed GOP primary. McCain and the executive committee want an open primary, which clearly aids McCain in his 2016 quest for a 6th term as U.S. Senator. The Arizona Republic reports the group of McCain detractors believe the Senator wants the open primary to dilute the impact of conservatives.

As reported in the Arizona Republic, John McCain was quoted as saying, “I don’t agree with it [closing the primary] because I think we’re a big-tent party.” McCain added, “We want more people. That’s what Ronald Reagan was all about”. McCain got it wrong; this is what Reagan actually said:

A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers.

A group called ‘End the Reign of John McCain’ is behind the effort to close the primary, according to the blog publishing the photos of the ‘primary McCain’ posters.

The conservative base in Arizona is clearly disenfranchised with GOP Chairman Robert Graham and his support of John McCain.

mccain-close mccain-close-up

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The grass roots movement to #RetireMcCain is growing fast and spreading across the nation.


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