Ben Affleck: Typical DEMOCRAT

Prelude:  Ben Affleck is what I call a “Clooneybot”.  That is, “Argo” gave him some kind of career resurgence, and he supposedly owes this to Clooney. Keep in mind that Clooney has worked tightly with George Soros to eliminate borders and destroy our Constitution. Three pieces that deal with that are “Meet the Clooneys“, “The Clinton Crime Syndicate” and “The Clinton Clooney Clownshow”. That, in addition to this which follows that I wrote last year, is why “Batman” will get none of my money:

This week, Ben Affleck persuaded the producers of the PBS series Finding Your Roots to edit out details of how his ancestors were slave owners even though it was a breach of PBS editorial rules. He said he was “embarrassed” and that the “very thought left a bad taste in my mouth”.  Let’s get something straight…Affleck is a democrat. Therefore, like any other democrat, he was embarrassed not because his family owned slaves but because his family was outed as slave-owners as it shows the true globalist nature of his political party  Enslavement of the general population by whatever means for global elite rule by the 1% is historically how democrats roll.  Democrats have effectively used Hollywood and the public education system in the last 50 years or so to create the false narrative that they are “for the little guy” and Republicans are “for the 1%” when the exact opposite is true. For a Clooneybot, Obamabot, and Hillarybot, Affleck’s slip up could rock his standing politically with the global elites. Therefore, the spin commences where there is really no spin to be had. He is a democrat. This is for what they stand.

According to the Daily Mail, “The new Batman star, who supports a number of liberal causes, objected to the ancestry TV show airing how his distant relations were racist, leaked Sony emails reveal.”  Of course he did. As a modern day Democrat, Affleck is very vocal about the supposed Democrat support of “social justice” and “civil rights” activism throughout history. However, Hollywood has helped the Democrat party completely whitewash history. In reality, Republican Party, which was founded on July 6th, 1854, was “born of hostility to slavery”, according to History Today.  After all, Abraham Lincoln is referred to as the father of the Republican Party.

In addition, Republicans pushed for women’s suffrage. According to the National Federation for Republican Women, the first “equal rights of women plank carried in any major party platform was contained in the Republican Party platform” in 1896.  The first woman elected to Congress was a Republican-Jeannette Rankin in 1916.  1916 also saw the Republican Party as the first major party to favor federal woman suffrage. Finally, in 1919, after Republicans regained control of Congress, the Equal Suffrage Amendment was passed.  Democrats? They worked AGAINST it. It would seem factually correct to say that Affleck as a “social justice warrior” is no more than a title as Democrats like J. B. Sanford, Chairmen of the Democratic Caucus in 1919, prepared the “Argument Against Women’s Suffrage” that stated “Suffrage is not a right. It is a privilege that may or may not be granted. Politics is no place for a woman consequently the privilege should not be granted her”.  In addition, it is worth noting that conservative Sandra Day O’Connor was the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court by, yes, former Hollywood actor and last conservative President Ronald Reagan. Ben Affleck’s public persona is that of a “social justice warrior” when, in fact, he seems to support the party rooted in women’s oppression. Slavery of the masses. It is what democrats do but……SSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It always bears repeating since Common Core and Hollywood are whitewashing American history completely that Republicans led the charge for civil rights in the 1960’s.  According to CNN, “More Republicans voted in favor of the Civil Rights Act (of 1964) than Democrats”. In fact Ohio Republican, fiscal conservative, William McCulloch became an “unsung hero” in helping to pass it.  “The Constitution doesn’t say that whites alone shall have our most basic rights, but that we all shall have them,” McCulloch would say to fellow legislators. This bill also helped women which fits well with the Republican mantra of true equality as noted above when they fought for women’s suffrage earlier.

Democrats, on the other hand, fought hard against the Civil Rights Act.


Virginia Democrat Howard W. Smith, according to CNN, “discouraged the passage of the bill’s Title VII, which would outlaw employment discrimination because of race, color, religion, or national origin.  When Smith added the word “sex,” the House reportedly laughed out loud. The ploy was Smith’s attempt to quash support among the chamber’s male chauvinists on the grounds that the bill would protect women’s rights in the workplace, according to Clay Risen in his book “The Bill of the Century.” Despite resistance, and complex motives, the act eventually passed, laying the groundwork for legal battles to ensure equal employment opportunities for women. And whether he intended to or not, Smith ended up helping to set the stage for modern feminism.”  Look at that. Not only were prominent democrats during the Civil Rights Era racist but they were sexist, too. Feminism arose out of democrat disdain for equality for anyone other than white, Christian men.  Hmmm….Ben Affleck champions himself as a man “of the people” and “pro equality”. If that is so, he panders to the wrong political party.

And pander he does. He makes no secret of his disdain for the party of equal rights, especially if it means pushing the agenda of the party that has the back of white men as seen throughout history.  Affleck appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show on July 28th, 2004. The interview started with him trying to pretend he leaned “moderate” as middle of the road “for the little guy” kind of person, but it does not take long for the bashing to start via democrat talking points:

“Well, I think, you know, there has been a reduction in some veterans’ benefits. About 500,000 people were cut from the medical services. And the Veterans Administration is going to lose, I’m told, $1 billion potentially if Bush is re-elected. Some of those priorities bother me, but I also really feel that one of my bigger objections with Bush, besides the economy, which is my primary concern”.

His biggest concern was the economy? And he helped get Obama elected? Twice? This has left us with DOUBLE the national debt, record numbers un/under employed, record numbers on food stamps, Obamacare killing jobs, and massive government regulations killing jobs…his biggest concern is the economy but he supports this?  Of course he does. He is a “social justice warrior” who is here to get as many as possible dependent on the governing elite.

As for the military, Veterans losing benefits is a concern to him? Does he have a television, radio, or electronic device with an app on it that can get him information on the VA scandal? According to Lori Montgomery from the Washington Post, “In 2010, as part of a sweeping proposal to rebalance the federal budget, an independent deficit reduction commission appointed by Obama suggested eliminating COLAs for military retirees younger than 62.”  Fast forward 4 years later, and Maggie Ybarra at the Washington Times tells us, “If President Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel get their way, a typical U.S. Army sergeant stands to lose up to $5,000 in annual benefits”.   And, finally, in 2015, Doug Giles of Clash Daily reports that Obama “supports the recommendations of a military commission that would reduce the size of traditional military retirement pay by about 20 percent”.  It is no secret that Democrats despise our military.  Obama’s decimation of our military through the purging of top generals, the elimination of Christianity, and financially is WAY worse treatment than anything Bush ever did. There are non-staged photo op pictures of Obama hugging our service men and women and/or visiting VA hospitals.  In fact, Obama “chose not to visit the troubled Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital at the center of a nationwide wait-time scandal while in town for a speech. Obama’s motorcade drove right past the facility on the way to the high school where he delivered his speech on the housing recovery.”  Please, Ben Affleck…tell us again how much of a “social justice warrior” you are and how upset you are with military reductions all around when these are policies you helped promote and elect TWICE.  Democrats…always working against the little guy to support the global elites.

Another topic he mentioned? Iraq.  He said, “I feel as though he (Bush) behaved rashly in preemptively invading Iraq… without assembling an international coalition. And I feel that if he really believed there were weapons of mass destruction, which he may well have, I really wish that as the president of the United States he would now turn to the American people and say you know what, I made a mistake and it was an honest mistake.”  First of all…those chemical weapons of mass destruction were not only found but used against innocent civilians including women and children in Syria.  Secondly, “rashly invading Iraq without assembling and international coalition”? Wait…what? Bush had Congressional approval and there was an “international coalition” of 31 countries.  He must remember it being mocked as a “coalition of the willing”?  Let’s compare Iraq with Obama’s “kinetic military actions”, so called because he circumvented Congress in order to avoid calling them “wars”.  The Obama administration has bombed seven countries at least:  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, and Syria. Libya is the biggest mess of them all right now. ISIS runs amok, is using it as a springboard for entry into Europe, and is, of course, the location of the Benghazi terror attack on our embassy that killed four of our men, including an ambassador, as Obama headed to Vegas for a fundraiser

with Jay-Z .  Then there are Obama’s drone strikes throughout the Middle East and even here in America killing innocent civilians on our own soil. Finally, his foreign policy has allowed Iraq to fall to ISIS, kept the girls in Nigeria from being found, allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Egypt against the will of the people who fought back and overthrew it, and has these same types setting up camps in the United States due to his “social justice open boarders” policy.  How about it Ben? What do we hear from you and other Bush bashing supposedly anti-war Democrats alike? SILENCE.  Democrats. Always on the wrong side of America. Always with the global elite.

Then, of course, Affleck presented himself as the poster child for democrat intolerance when he defended radical Muslim extremism on Bill Maher’s show by acting as a petulant man child, waiving off comments with which he disagreed, constantly interrupting, and using the go-to ad hominem defense from a liberal when they lose an argument—“YOU’RE A RACIST”.  Anyone who watched the show could tell that Affleck showed up with talking points to push the democrat agenda.  Obama is a rabid supporter of Muslim extremists as evidence briefly above in the Middle Eastern situations he supports.   The producer of Affleck’s factually incorrect “Argo” is none other than George Clooney who married an anti-Israeli, ant-west Muslim whose family supports Hamas and considered Arafat a family friend.  More about Amal Clooney can be found here. The point? As Christians are slaughtered worldwide, their beheadings recorded in almost Academy Award directed style video clips and uploaded to YouTube to mock the western world, as boatloads of refugees leave Obama’s aforementioned mess in Libya to avoid persecution by radical Muslim extremists only to sink and drown or be thrown overboard by ISIS for invoking Christianity…as they set up base outside El Paso and Sharia Law has overtaken areas like Dearborn, MI, Affleck rushes to the global elites side in mocking and ridiculing with name calling anyone who questions this barbarianism.  Again, democrats on the wrong side of America, on the wrong side of humanity where this is concerned, pushing the global elite agenda.

So you see…Ben Affleck’s main concern is not that his family owned slaves in the past.  He is a democrat. Never have they stood for America, equality, or “social justice”. In  fact, they have stood for just the opposite from against freeing the slaves during the Civil War to working against women’s suffrage, to fighting against civil rights in the 1960’s, and to today where they put radical Muslim extremists and the global elite over American citizens, democrats have never been about the “social justice” of which they preach. Republicans, on the other hand, historically have. THIS is Ben Affleck’s main concern…that even with all the whitewashing of history through democrat control of the public education system and Hollywood that the truth will still find its way causing globalists control to tank. THAT is his REAL concern.

UPDATE:  His mother now states that, contrary to what is stated in the PBS program, she was NOT a “Freedom Rider” in 1964. She wasn’t even there:  “And in the show itself, the documentary’s host, Harvard academic Henry Louis Gates Jr, says Mrs Affleck had been part of ‘Freedom Summer’….In fact, she told Daily Mail Online she was not a Freedom Rider – and was not in the South in 1964, but a year later.”  Democrats. Always manipulating history for the global elite narrative.

One thought on “Ben Affleck: Typical DEMOCRAT

  1. Excellent Read. Thanks for putting this all together….Ben is a hypocrite and cares about one thing…his paycheck. Anyone with half a brain knows they aren’t responsible for their ancestors. But Dems love playing the “Got Ya” game and ruin lives on social media. Dems in hollywood live in more fear that they’ll actually be themselves and get destroyed by the political scheme they built. I wouldn’t go to an Affleck film if you paid me. I don’t support cowards. Grow up Ben…

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